Laboratory Chairs and Stools

Techsit™ L-Tech Laboratory Chairs

Upholstered in easy to clean vinyl with anti-microbial properties suitable for use in laboratory, production and healthcare environments. Techsit™ L-Tech Laboratory Chairs are designed to provide the ultimate ergonomic comfort at an affordable price.

Techsit™ L-Tech PU Laboratory Chairs

Ergonomically designed seat and back cushion offer support and comfort to the user. Techsit™ L-Tech PU Laboratory Chairs are a highly durable and easily cleanable solution for the toughest production, laboratory and healthcare environments.

Techsit™ L-Tech Laboratory Stools

Designed to enable free movement and encourage active sitting. Techsit™ L-Tech Laboratory Stools provide the ultimate ergonomic solution for laboratory, production and healthcare environments.

Techsit™ L-Tech PU Laboratory Stools

Made from hardwearing, easy clean polyurethane, the ergonomically designed seat features a lumbar support to encourage healthy sitting. Techsit™ L-Tech PU Laboratory Stools are ideal for use in production areas and healthcare environments.

dbo sieges ESD Antistatic Polyurethane Chair

Adjustable, comfortable, polyurethane and aluminum chair.