TLC Products

Macherey-Nagel™ TLC Simultaneous Developing Chamber

Develop multiple TLC plates simultaneously. TLC Simultaneous Developing Chambers  come with a choice of room for either 2 or 5 plates.

DWK Life Sciences Kimble™ Kontes™ TLC Cylindrical Developing Tanks

Cylindrical glass tanks for the development of 5 × 10cm (2 × 3.9 in. ) and 5 × 20cm (2 × 7.9 in. ) plates

DWK Life Sciences Kimble™ Kontes™ Rectangular TLC Developing Tanks

Molded glass tanks for development of any size TLC plate up to 20 × 20cm

Kimble Chase™ Drummond Microcaps Borosilicate Glass Capillary Tubes

Kimble Chase Drummond Microcaps Borosilicate Glass Capillary Tubes, Capacity: 0.5 uL, Length: 32 mm, Quantity: 100/Pk.

DWK Life Sciences Kimble™ Kontes™ Reagent Sprayers with Screw Thread Ground Joint

Provide uniform spray mist of visualization reagents for TLC and paper chromatography; use with all standard TLC reagents and most corrosive liquids

DWK Life Sciences Kimble™ Kontes™ Chromatography Cylindrical TLC Developing Tanks

Cylindrical glass tanks for the development of 1 x 3 in. to 10 x 20cm plates.

Kontes™ Replacement Parts for TLC Equilibration Apparatus

For use with Kontes™ rectangular developing tank (K416190-4900)

DWK Life Sciences Kimble™ Chromatography TLC Plate Streaker

A simple device for uniformly streaking TLC plates.

DWK Life Sciences Kimble™ Kontes™ Reagent Sprayers Head Only

TLC Sprayer head for use with 125 mL Flask with Knots Sprayer System

MilliporeSigma™ Precoated HPTLC Glass Plates

Smaller size and distribution of HPTLC media yields improved resolution, shorter analysis times, and higher detection sensitivity

Azlon™ Polypropylene Spotting Tile

Constructed of high quality Polypropylene which is unbreakable in normal use. Azlon™ Polypropylene Spotting Tile consists of 12 cavities with 1mL capacity and 4mm well depth. Economical alternative to ceramics.

MP Biomedicals™ EcoChrome™ Silica TLC Plate

Used as a defoamer component. In hydrated form, it is used in toothpaste as a hard abrasive to remove tooth plaque. SiO

Macherey-Nagel™ Polygram Alox N/UV254 Polyester Sheets

Macherey-Nagel Polygram Alox N/UV254 Polyester Sheets, Dimensions: 4 x 8 cm, Pore Size: 60 A, Fluorescent Indicator: UV254, Thickness: 0.2 mm

Macherey-Nagel™ Chiralplate™ for TLC Enantiomer Separation

Resolve a wide variety of enantiomers. Chiralplate™ for TLC Enantiomer Separation consists of a special layer available on glass plates with fluorescent indicator.

Macherey-Nagel™ ALUGRAM™ Xtra SIL G Aluminum Sheets

Stable in almost all organic solvents and in purely aqueous eluents. Macherey-Nagel™ ALUGRAM™ Xtra SIL G Aluminum Sheets are unmodified standard silica layers on aluminium for use in TLC. Feature outstanding wettability and improved cutting properties.

Macherey-Nagel™ Adamant™ Unmodified Standard Silica Layers for TLC, UV254

Increase separation efficiency and maximize resolution during TLC (thin-layer chromatography). Adamant™ Unmodified Standard Silica Layers for TLC, UV254, are available on glass plates with an optimized binder system and UV indicator.

Macherey-Nagel™ ALUGRAM™ Alox N/UV254 Aluminum Sheets

Designed for use in thin layer chromatography. Macherey-Nagel™ ALUGRAM™ Alox N/UV254 Aluminum Sheets include aluminum oxide layers and a fluorescent indicator at short-wave UV (254nm). Activating the layers before use is recommended.

Macherey-Nagel™ RP-18 W/UV254 Glass HPTLC Plates

Designed for use in HPTLC. Macherey-Nagel™ RP-18 W/UV254 Glass HPTLC Plates have a layer of modified nano silica with a fluorescent indicator for short-wave UV (254nm). It is wettable with water, acid-resistant and stable at pH 2–10.

Macherey-Nagel™ SILCEL-Mix-25 cellulose and silica mixed layer on glass plates

 Separate preservatives and other antimicrobial compounds.  SILCEL-Mix-25 Cellulose and Silica Mixed Layer on Glass Plates is the perfect choice in TLC separations. 

Macherey-Nagel™ Standard SIL G Silica Layers on Glass Plates

Separate non-volatile mixtures with unmodified standard silica layers for TLC (Thin-Layer Chromatography). Standard SIL G silica layers on glass plates come in a variety of plate sizes and layer thicknesses. Select a fluorescent indicator and choose from a variety of pack sizes.

Macherey-Nagel™ Alugram™ RP-18 W/UV254 Modified Silica Phase

For use in normal or reverse phase HPTLC. Macherey-Nagel™ Alugram™ RP-18 W/UV254 Modified Silica Phase are aluminum sheets coated with wettable layers of modified nano silica that can be developed with purely organic and organic/aqueous solvents and purely aqueous eluents.