First Aid and Medical

Terumo™ Plastic Syringe

Use for medical applications. Terumo™ Plastic Syringe is disposable and comes with luer slip. X100 SYRINGE LUER CENTRE 1ML

Terumo™ Eccentric Luer-Tip Three-Part Syringe

Use these syringes for the aspiration of fluids or sampling blood or other body fluids. Terumo™ Eccentric Luer-Tip Three-Part Syringe feature a unique double beveled design for greater patient comfort. X100 SYRINGE STE 3P 10ML LUERLOCK

BD Plastipak™ Plastic Concentric Luer-Lock Syringe

Enables accurate dosing and visualisation of the syringe contents.  BD Medical™ Plastipak™ Plastic Concentric Luer-Lock Syringe are each tested for sterility, pyrogenicity and toxicity. X120 Hypodermic syringe Plastipak concentric luer

BD Luer-Lok™ Disposable Syringes without Needles

PrecisionGlide™ and Yale™ disposable and reusable needles are available X56 SYRINGE 30ML LUER-LOCK

BD Disposable Syringes with Luer-Lok™ Tips

Unique integrated BD Luer-Lok™ tip syringe with clear barrel. BD Medical™ Disposable Syringes with Luer-Lok™ Tips are sterile and disposable. X100 BD Plastipak 1 ml Hypodermic Syringe, 3 piece(VE=100Stck.)

BD Plastipak™ Centric Luer-lock Hypodermic Three-Piece Syringe

Plastic graduated syringe.  BD Medical™ Plastipak™ Centric Luer-lock Hypodermic Three-Piece Syringe for injection of fluid. X125 Syringe Plastipak(R) hypodermic Luer-Lok(TM)

Fisherbrand™ Sterile Syringes for Single Use

Manual syringe without needle for research purposes only. Suitable for use with syringe filters x100 Fisherbrand 3P plastic syringe 3 ml, luer slip, ST

BD Vacutainer™ Hemogard Closure Plastic K2-Edta Tube

Used to obtain a whole blood or EDTA plasma sample.   Vacutainer™ Hemogard Closure Plastic K2-Edta Tube contains K2EDTA which is a liquid solution that is spray coated onto the interior surface of the BD Vacutainer Plus Tubes. X1000 Vacutainer Hemogard Closure Plastic K2-Edta Tube

BD Microlance™ Stainless Steel Needles

Color coded for easy recognition of the needle’s guage. BD™ Microlance™ Stainless Steel Needles feature thin walls for optimal flow and fit Luer slip syringes. These sterile, individually wrapped needles ensure more comfortable insertion with less risk for punching. X5000 NEEDLE 30G 1/2 50 BOX OF 100

BD Emerald™ Three-Part Syringe

Combines optimum performance and reduced environmental impact. BD™ Emerald™ Three-Part Syringe is a general purpose syringe that contains up to 30% less material than other syringes to minimize waste. Syringes feature a center-mounted Luer connection and no needle. X100 SYRINGE EMERALD 3P 3ML LUER

Cole-Parmer™ JD Honigberg™ Ice-Pak Cold Packs

Refrigerate samples for shipping with these cold packs. Cole-Parmer™ JD Honigberg™ Ice-Pak Cold Packs freeze solid in 6 to 10 hours and remain at constant -6°C for up to 72 hours. X24 ICE PACK -6°C 240G

Terumo™ Three-Part Insulin Syringe

Use these syringes for the aspiration of fluids or sampling blood or other body fluids. Terumo™ Three-Part Insulin Syringes feature a unique double beveled design for greater patient comfort. X100 SYRINGE STE 1ML+NEDDLE 25G

Cadence Science™ Micro-Mate™ Interchangeable Syringes

Syringe barrels and plungers fit perfectly, eliminating the task of matching up syringe parts X12 SYRINGE 10ML

Fisherbrand™ Plastic PP Syringes, Luer Slip

HPLC certified, non sterile disposable syringes made of solvent robust polypropylene X100 10ml Luer-Slip Plastic Disposable Syringe pac

Codan™ Three-part Syringes

Use Codan™ Three-part Syringes to accommodate a variety of medical needs including: catheterization, hypodermic ear treatments, and more. The syringes are latex-free and contain no rubber or silicone. The plastic plunger has a smooth draw and a positive safety stop to prevent accidental spill X15 SYRINGE 3P STE 100ML CATHETER

BD Sterile Filled Swabs

BD Sterile Filled Swabs are double-wrapped, gamma-irradiated, ready-to-use sterile swabs for surface sampling, combined with a rinse solution-filled tube. X200 Sterile Pack Swab

Greiner Bio-One Hematology K3 EDTA Evacuated Tubes

Molded to be virtually unbreakable, providing a better level of safety than glass X50 Vacuette Tube 6ml K3E K3EDTA 13 x 100

B Braun™ Omnican™ Insulin Syringes with Integrated Needle

Made of polypropylene and polystyrene. Omnican™ Insulin Syringes with c„„rystal clear barrel enables air bubbles to be easily identifiable. „„Protective caps at the ends of the syringe guarantee its sterility. X100 Omnican 20 insulin syringes 0.5 ml0.5 ml fill volume, pu=100 pcs

3-Part Latex Free Insulin Syringes

Use these syringes for the aspiration of fluids or sampling blood or other body fluids. Terumo™ 3-Part Latex Free Insulin Syringes feature a unique double beveled design for greater patient comfort. X100 SYRINGE 3 PIECES INSULINE

Thermo Scientific™ National Target All-Plastic Disposable Syringes

Use these all-plastic disposable syringes to dispense small volumes of liquids, or to pressure filter through our syringe filters. X100 LUER-LOCK PLASTIC SYRINGES, 3ML

Cadence Science™ Micro-Emulsifying Needles

Double-hub needles are designed for use in mixing two liquid media differing in viscosity—especially for adjuvants and antigens, oil-based liquids, allergens X4 MICRO EMUL NEEDLE 20 X 1-7/8

Trajan™ eVol™ XCHANGE Syringes

XCHANGE™ analytical syringes can be easily and quickly changed allowing them to be dedicated to individual liquids, and methods, to prevent possible cross-contamination of reagents. X3 Syringe SGE needle tip bevel, 25 gauge 100µL

Cadence Science™ Laboratory Pipetting Needles

316 Stainless Steel Hub with 316 Stainless Steel Tubing X12 NEDDLE MICRO-MATE 14G-6'

BD Plastipak™ 50mL Luer-Lok™ Syringe, Amber

Designed for short-term use in syringe pumps (active IIa devices) for administering pharmaceuticals. BD Plastipak™ 50mL Luer-Lok™ Syringe, Amber are sterile, single-use, three-piece syringes with a concentric tip. Individually wrapped in blister film and medical grade paper. X60 BD Plastipak 60 ml Syringe,3 piece,without neelok sterile / single use pack of 60 amber 50mL

B Braun™ Hypodermic Needles

Designed for patient comfort in a broad array of sizes. B Braun™ Hypodermic Needles provide a smooth surface with light silicone coating designed to minimize discomfort. X100 STERICAN NEEDLE 0,8X80MM

Eccentric Luer-Tip Three-Part Syringe

Enable easy recognition of air bubbles and precise dosage Eccentric Luer-Tip Three-Part Syringe has a highly transparent barrel and clear printing. X25 Syringe STE 3P 50ML eccentric

Socorex™ Dosys™ All-glass Syringes

Resistant borosilicate glass syringes can be sterilized and reused. Socorex™ Dosys™ All-glass Syringes provide a low-cost alternative to disposable plastic syringes and are easy to disassemble for cleaning. X3 Dosys all glass 155 syringe, 5ml, Luer, glass

Kartell™ Urine Cup with Red Screw Cap

Constructed of polypropylene for clarity and durability. Kartell™ Urine Cup with Red Screw Cap provides a superior solution for urine collection, storage, and transportation. X200 urine container PP sterile 200ml red cap

BD Discardit™ Eccentric Luer-Slip Two-Piece Syringe

Use for sterile applications. BD Biosciences™ Discardit™ Eccentric Luer-Slip Two-Piece Syringe are disposible after single use. X80 BD Discardit 20ml Hypodermic Syringe,2 piece,n