Thermo Scientific™ ARCTIC A10B Refrigerated Circulators

A10B refrigerated bath features a large work area, enabling high throughput and workflow efficiency, with temperatures ranging from −10° to +100°C and 30L maximum bath volume. CRYOTHERMOSTAT -10/+150°C 18-30L

Julabo™ TopTech Series Refrigerated/Heating Circulating Baths with MA Circulators

For working temperatures from −50deg.C to +200°C. Julabo™ TopTech Series Refrigerated/Heating Circulating Baths with MA Circulators features increased functionality and additional warning and safety functions. Circulator, refrigerated and heating F34-MA

Thermo Scientific™ SAHARA S7 Stainless-Steel Heated Bath Circulators

Perfect for internal or external circulation. Offered in a wide selection for efficient heating from ambient 13° to 300°C, with maximum bath volume of 8 liters. CIRCULATOR +25/100°C 13-21L

Memmert™ Basic Series Water Baths

Corrosion-resistant stainless steel water bath. Memmert™ Basic Series Water Baths feature precise electronics and multiple temperature protection to guarantee the highest level of safety in the laboratory. WATERBATH WNB45 45L 10-95°C

Gibco™ Lab Armor™ Beads

Small, non-uniform metal beads comprised of dry, metallic thermal alloy for use in water baths designed to replace water in a water bath or ice in an ice bucket LAB ARMOR BEADSLab Armor Beads are dry, metallic thermal alloy

HUBER™ CC-K6 Refrigerated Heating Bath

An economic solution for controlling the temperature of objects directly within the thermostat bath. The units are suitable for a number of typical heating and cooling tasks such as sample temperature control, materials testing, quality control, and analyses CC-K6 WITH PILOT ONE

Thermo Scientific™ Precision™ General Purpose Baths

Support a wide range of applications with general purpose water baths, designed to maintain temperature from ambient to 100°C. High-performance baths range from 2L to 28L. Precision 28L General Purpose Water Bath 100-120/200-240 VAC, 50-60Hz

Julabo™ Stainless-Steel Shaking Water Baths

Features a seamless, splashproof keypad and a bright LED multi-display indicating up to six temperature values that is visible from across the laboratory. Julabo™ Stainless-Steel Shaking Water Baths eliminates temperature overshoot and provides high temperature stability. SW23 SHAKING WATER BATHTemperaturkonstanz 0.02 K

Julabo™ Base Tray for Erlenmeyer Flasks

For assembling spring clamps on mix and match basis BASIC TRAY FOR ASSEMBLING SPRING CLAMPS FOR FLASKS

HUBER™ CC-415 Refrigerated Heating Bath Circulator

Refrigeration bath circulators are suitable for controlling the temperature of externally connected applications and thermoregulation of objects directly in the thermostat bath. Typical applications are: photometers, refractometers, viscometers, double-jacketed reaction vessels and autoclaves. CC-415 WITH PILOT ONE

Julabo™ Aqua Stabil™ Water Bath Protective Media

Julabo™ Aqua Stabil™ Water Bath Protective Media stops growth of algae, bacteria and other microorganisms with its bactericidal effectiveness. WATER BATH PROTECTIVE MEDIA, 12 BOTTLES,100ML EACH

Julabo™ Thermal Bath Fluids

Used for temperature control applications. Julabo™ Thermal Bath Fluids offer safe and reliable operation. 5L THERMAL H335 FLUID+30/+335°C

Thermo Scientific™ ARCTIC Refrigerated/Heated Bath SC100 A10 - 230V

Sophisticated digital control technology designed to ensure accuracy and reproducibility of your liquid temperature control procedures CRYOTHERMOSTAT -10/+100°C 5L

Fisherbrand™ Bridges for Baths


Fisherbrand™ Isotemp™ 4100 H6A Open Heated Acrylic Bath Circulators

Acrylic open heated baths are fitted with bridge plates for placement of the control head CIRCULATOR ISOUK 4100 H6A HEATEDacrylic bath, force pump, pump pressure 300mbar,

Thermo Scientific™ SC150L Immersion Circulators

Maintain temperatures up to +150°C with this superior thermostat featuring an increased immersion depth to accomodate larger or deeper baths. THERMOSTAT SC 150L IMMERSION,

Fisherbrand™ Isotemp™ General Purpose Deluxe Water Baths

Choose general purpose water baths, designed to provide consistent temperature for reliable results with easy-to-use operation. Fisherbrand 5 & 10L Dual General Purpose Water Bath 100-120/200-240 VAC, 50-60Hz

Thermo Scientific™ SAHARA S13 Stainless Steel Heating Bath

Durable, seamless stainless steel baths for high temperature applications HEATING BATH S13 7-11Lstainless steel reservoir: 200mm x 223mmx 335mm

Thermo Scientific™ AC200 Immersion Circulators

AC200 is ideal when applications require greater pumping performance, ramp programming, application alarms, and temperature ranges from −50° to +200°C. THERMOSTAT AC 200 IMMERSION,digital, with bridge 2000W, flow 17L/m,300 mbar

Memmert™ Gable Cover for Shaking Device/Peltier Cooling Unit

Highly durable and easy to maintain stainless steel gable cover. Memmert™ Gable Cover for Shaking Device/Peltier Cooling Unit fits shaking device (14/22 und 29/45) or Peltier cooling unit. GABLE COVER FOR PELTIER COOLING UNIT 10L BATHFOR ONE WNB WNE 10

Julabo™ Heating Circulator with Open Bath, CORIO™ CD-B27

Quiet open heating bath circulator featuring high quality, stainless steel bath tanks and pump connections. Julabo™ Heating Circulator with Open Bath, CORIO™ CD-B27 can be easily changed to accomodate internal or external circulation. CORIO CD-B27 Open Heating Bath Circulator

Grant Instruments™ TX150 Series Heated Circulating Bath, Stainless Steel Tank

Provides outstanding performance for routine and sophisticated applications requiring accurate temperature control up to a maximum of 150°C. Grant Instruments™ Optima™ TX150 Series Digital Heated Circulating Bath, Stainless Steel Tank combines the powerful and versatile Grant Optima™ TX150 digital heating circulator with a choice of five stainless steel (ST) tanks with different capacities. Thermostatic circulator bath Grant Optima lowtemperature advanced digital with pump & USB

Julabo™ Heating Immersion Circulator, CORIO™ CD

Quiet, easy-to-operate, and precise heating immersion circulator that mounts on any bath tank up to 50L. Julabo™Heating Immersion Circulator, CORIO™ CD can be equipped with an optional pump set for external application temperature control. CORIO CD Immersion Circulator

Thermo Scientific™ PC201 Immersion Circulators

These circulators feature a 3.0Kw heater for rapid heatup, an all stainless-steel pump with ceramic rotors and extreme temperature performance ranging from −50° to +200°C. Bath Circulator haeting cap 2.0kw

Thermo Scientific™ SC100 Immersion Circulators

SC100 is one of the basic models in the new generation of superior quality thermostats that maintain temperature from −28° to +100°C. THERMOSTAT SC 100 IMMERSION,digital 2000W, flow 17L/m, 300mbar accuracy 0.02°C

Memmert™ Reversible Shelf for Water Bath

Use these shelves with Memmert water baths. Memmert™ Reversible Shelves for Water Baths are available in a wide range of sizes to fit your needs. SHELF REVERSIBLE 2X H:30-60MM 7L BATH SERIESFOR ONE WNB WNE 7

Julabo™ CORIO™ CD-B13 Open Heating Bath Circulator,

Julabo™ CORIO™ CD-B13 Heating Circulator with Open Bath feature high-quality bath tanks made of stainless steel and pump connections. CORIO CD-B13 Open Heating Bath Circulator

Huber Kaeltmaschinenbau™ Variostat™ Bath


Grant Instruments™ TC120 Series Digital Heated Circulating Bath, Stainless Steel Tank

Versatile mid-range Optima heated circulator and stainless steel tank with comprehensive specification to suit most applications for precision temperature control. Thermostatic circulator bath Grant Optima generalpurpose digital with pump stainless steel tank,

Julabo™ Open heating bath circulator, CORIO™ C-B13

CORIO C-B13 Open Heating Bath Circulator