Burners and Lighters

Deutsch Neumann™ Gas Hoses for Gas Burners

For all gases meeting DVGW Work Code G 260. Deutsch Neumann Gas Hoses for Gas Burners are acc. to DIN 30 665 section 1. 40M GAS TUBE 10X14 MMmm

Integra Biosciences™ Fireboy Borosilicate Glass Splash protector

Fireboy Borosilicate glass splash protector

WLD Tec™ Burner head double length Fuego SCS

BURNER HEAD STEEL DOUBLE HIGHAbflammen von Erlenmeyer Kolben

Duran™ Wicks

X50 Wicks for spirit lamps

WLD Tec™ Stainless Steel Control Pedal


RL Enterprises™ Natural Gas Security Bunsen Burner with NF Screwing G 1/2 Connector

Provides a single, continuous flame by controlled mixing of gas with air. RL Enterprises™ Natural Gas Security Bunsen Burner with NF Screwing G 1/2 Connector is manually adjustable to control intensity, temperature and flame size. Burner bunsen security natural gaz

Wld Tec™ Fuego Pro SCS Gas Burner

Safe, streamlined, versatile and energy-efficient laboratory gas burner. Wld Tec™ Fuego Pro SCS Gas Burner is fabricated of stainless steel and heat-resistant glass. BURNER BUNSEN FUEGO SCS PRO

Fisherbrand™ Bunsen Burner with Tétine Connector without Pilot Light

Reaches temperatures of about 900°C with butane nozzles and about 1000°C on natural gas spouts. Burner micro lpg

Bochem™ Stainless Steel Alcohol Burner


Fisherbrand™ LPG Gas Security Bunsen Burners with NF Screwing G 1/2 Connector

Supplied with a flame failure device that shuts off the gas supply to the burner within approximately 20 seconds of the flame being extinguished. Burner bunsen security but/propane

Bochem™ TECLU Burner

Bochem™ TECLU Burner for use with natural gas and propane. Teclubrenner für Propangas

Bochem™ Safety Gas Burner with Needle Valve

Use with confidence thanks to a thermo safety element to prevent accidents in the laboratory. BURNER SECURITY NATURAL GAS 1300°C

Fisherbrand™ Meker Burner, LP Gas, 24mm

Manufactured out of brass and are all nickel plated. Burner melker 24mm lpg

Integra Biosciences™ Fireboy Windshield

Fireboy Windshield for hoods

Fisherbrand™ Replacement Burner Head

Guarantees a stable and regular flame. Grille rechange for burner mecker

Wld Tec™ Gasprofi 1 SCS Micro School Edition Gas Burner

The smallest professional laboratory gas burner. Wld Tec™ Gasprofi 1 SCS Micro School Edition Gas Burner offers optimal safety and easy operation. BURNER GASPROFI 1 MICRO POWER FAILURE OR DEFECTdisplay SS foot pedal with 2 operation modes

R&L Enterprises™ 13mm LPG Bunsen Burner

An excellent solution for heating, sterilization and combustion in the laboratory. R&L Enterprises™ 13mm LPG Bunsen Burners have a typical gas consumption of 107.5L per hour. X5 Burner 13mm lpg

Fisherbrand™ Meker Industrial Burner with NF Connection, 43mm Opening

Providing an extremely strong flame for intensive use. Burner meker 45 mm natural gaz

Bochem™ Erdgas Bunsen Burners

For use with natural gas/propane BURNER NATURAL GAZ 1300°C,13MM

Bochem™ Steel Wire Gauzes With Ceramic Center

Wire net with ceramic center 150x150 mm

Deutsch Neumann™ Gas-safety hose


Duran™ Lime-Soda Spirit Lamps

X10 Spirit lamp, w/out socket and wick, w/out filler tubulature, with cap, 100ML, soda-lime-glass

Wld Tec™ Laboratory Burner

Fuego SCS security laboratory burnerwith IR-Sensor

WLD Tec™ Powerjet Buckling Gun

POWERJET BUCKLING GUNGaskartuschenadapter für CG1750 (Camping Gaz)

R&L Enterprises™ Steel Wire Gauze

Provides excellent support to beakers and other glassware during heating on ring stands and tripods. R&L Enterprises™ Steel Wire Gauze is a flat square manufactured from steel mesh.
X10 Gauzes steel wire 125x125mm

Fisherbrand™ Teclu Safety Burner with Tétine Connection, 13mm Opening

Supplied with a flame failure device that shuts off the gas supply to the burner within approximately 20 seconds of the flame being extinguished. Burner teclu security but/propane

Wld Tec™ Micro Bunsen Burner


Integra Biosciences™ Flameboy Plus Bunsen Burner

Used with common gas types such as butane/propane and natural gas.   Integra Biosciences™ Flameboy Plus Bunsen Burner has a smooth, chrome plated metal housing which is easy to clean and both UV and solvent resistant. FIREBOY plus Safety bunsen burner (display, movement sensor, flame monitor, overheating protection)