Cell Based Assays

Molecular Probes™ CyQUANT™ Cell Proliferation Assay, for cells in culture

CyQUANT™ Cell Proliferation Assay Kit, for cells in culture

Molecular Probes™ Dead Cell Apoptosis Kit with Annexin V FITC and PI, for flow cytometry

Dead Cell Apoptosis Kit with Annexin V FITC and PI, for flow cytometry

Invitrogen™ CellEvent™ Caspase-3/7 Green Detection Reagent

CellEvent™ Caspase-3/7 Green Detection Reagent is a novel fluorogenic substrate for activated caspase-3/7 that is compatible with both live cell and fixed imaging, with absorption/emission maxima of ~502/530 nm.

Invitrogen™ CyQUANT™ MTT Cell Viability Assay

MTT Cell Proliferation Assay Kit simplifies the task of counting cells

Molecular Probes™ PrestoBlue™ Cell Viability Reagent

PrestoBlue™ Cell Viability Reagent

Invitrogen™ CellTrace™ Violet Cell Proliferation Kit, for flow cytometry

CellTrace™ Violet Cell Proliferation Kit, for flow cytometry

Thermo Scientific™ LIVE/DEAD™ Fixable Far Red Dead Cell Stain Kit, for 633 or 635 nm excitation

Determine the viability of cells prior to the fixation and permeabilization required for intracellular antibody staining or prior to elimination of biohazardous materials using formaldehyde fixation. This kit has been optimized and validated for use with a red laser flow cytometer.

Invitrogen™ EnzChek™ Pyrophosphate Assay Kit

Detects free pyrophosphate in solution

BD Caspase-3, Active Form, mAb Apoptosis Kit

Specific recognision of active form of caspase-3 in human and mouse cells

Molecular Probes™ CyQUANT™ Direct Cell Proliferation Assay

CyQUANT™ Direct Cell Proliferation Assay

Molecular Probes™ Propidium Iodide - 1.0 mg/mL Solution in Water

Propidium Iodide - 1.0 mg/mL Solution in Water

Molecular Probes™ Fura-2, Pentasodium Salt, cell impermeant

Fura-2, Pentasodium Salt, cell impermeant

Alfa Aesar™ Z-Val-Val-Nle Diazomethyl Ketone

Inactivates thiol proteinases; an irreversible cathepsin inhibitor

Alfa Aesar™ Furegrelate Sodium Salt, ≥99%

Inhibitor of thrombaxane synthetase

Invitrogen™ Image-iT™ LIVE Green Poly Caspases Detection Kit, for microscopy

Based on a fluorescent inhibitor of caspases (FLICA™)