Ratiolab™ Cardboard Cryo Boxes with Water-Repellant Standard Coating

Combine these boxes with different grid inserts for ultra-low temperature storage. Ratiolab™ Cardboard Cryo Boxes with Water-Repellant Standard Coating are ideal for sample storage and transportation. CARTON FOR CRYOBOITES BLANC 136 X

Tenak™ Dividers, 7 x 7, for 75mm cryobox, Tenak


Ratiolab™ Polypropylene Cryo Boxes

Use these polypropylene boxes with grid inserts for low-temperature tube storage. Fisherbrand™ Polypropylene Cryo Boxes are ideal for sample storage and transportation. X5 Cryo Boxes PP without grid black 133x133x75mm

Tenak™ Cardboard Cryoboxes

Combine Tenak™ Cardboard Cryoboxes with different grid inserts for tubes from 6 to 28.5mm in diameter. Available in many colors, the highly flexible;boxes can be used for larger laboratory containers when removing the grid. X36 CRYOBOX 130MM HIGH WHITE 136X136MM

Tenak™ Dividers for 100mm cryobox, 9 x 9, Tenak


Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Utility Boxes

Attractive, easy-to-clean, general purpose laboratory storage boxes are available in four different sizes and shapes for multi-purpose lab storage. 2000mL Utility Box, SAN

Corning™ CoolBox™ XT Systems

Provide sample cooling or freezing without ice, electricity, or batteries. CoolBox XT, pink all-day cooling and freezing workstation, single capacity

Fisherbrand™ Transport Boxes

For transporting biological and clinical samples, as well as instruments and products that you want to keep clean and dry under testing environmental conditions. Fisherbrand™ Transport box is made of polycarbonate and available in three colors for user/owner identification. Transport box DuraPorter with red handles red

Multiroir Controlec™ Crystal ABS Storage Box

Store items in the Multiroir Controlec™ Crystal ABS Storage Box. Made of see-through ABS, the box icomes with a tight-fitting lid and s totally transparent. X4 BOX ABS WHITE

Thermo Scientific™ Storage Tube Protection

Protect tubes submerged in LN2 and prevent tube explosion with Thermo Scientific™ Storage Tube Protection. X15 Tubing Thermo Scientific Nunc CryoFlex to

Tenak™ Dividers for 32mm cryobox, 7 x 7, Tenak


Corning™ Extension Collar for CoolBox™ XT System

For use with CoolBox™ XT System. Corning™ Extension Collar is required when using taller CoolRack™ tube modules and tall tubes in CoolBox system. Extension Collar for CoolBox XT, orange

Fisherbrand™ Cardboard Cryoboxes, 136mm

Combine these boxes with different grid inserts to hold a wide range of tube sizes. Fisherbrand™ Cardboard Cryoboxes are temperature resistant down to -80°C, ideal for ultra-low temperature storage. X10 GREEN STORAGE BOX 136X136X32M

Fisherbrand™ Flatpack Freezer Boxes

Outlasts carboard alternatives and reduces the chance of mould growth. Fisherbrand™ Flatpack Freezer Boxes can freeze and thaw multiple times without a problem. 10 x Flatpack Freezer Boxes 5ml Tube

Fisherbrand™ Premium Microscope Slide Box

Store and transport 25 slides safely with durable ABS cases. Fisherbrand™ Colored ABS 25 Place Slide Boxes keep standard microscope slides in numbered, grooved slots. Provides safe, dust-free storage. MICROSCOPE SLIDE BOX PUSH-FIT LID ABS

Cole-Parmer™ Polystyrene Storage Container

X24 Trans-Boxes Storage Containers, PS,

Metro™ MetroTotes Tote Box Accessories

Dividers, covers and cardholders for all your needs Tote Box Natural - TB93120NAT

Metro™ Benstat™ Static Dissipative Tote Divider

Metro Tote Box Divider 3 - DS91035BAS

Tenak™ Cryobox polypropylene, 50mm, 9 x 9 cells, without printed codes, yellow, TE22294, Tenak

Cryobox PP, 50 mm, Yellow, 9 x 9 w/o printed codesPolypropylene Cryobox 50 mm high, Yellow, 130x130,

BRAND™ Polystyrene Slide Boxes

Polystyrene construction. Protects microscope slides from breakage. Slide box, PSfor 100 slides 76 x 26mm

Multiroir Controlec™ D43 Lid for Solid Euro Containers, 400×300mm

Compatible with European Standards regarding containers and pallets. Multiroir Controlec™ D43 Lid for Solid Euro Containers, 400×300mm is a protective cover manufactured of heavy duty grey polypropylene to protect products stored in any AEG43-model Solid Euro Container. LID FOR CASE 400X300MM

Thermo Scientific™ Cryoboxes

Meet any need and budget with Thermo Scientific™ Cryoboxes. X4 Nalgene Polycarbonate Cryobox 133 X 133 X 51MM

Fisherbrand™ Cardboard Grid Inserts with Lid

X10 Cryobox grid insert 5 x 5 cardboard for use

Thermo Scientific™ Cryo Vial Closure Color Coders

Streamline the process of sample identification with Thermo Scientific™ Cryo Vial Closure Color Coders. X100 CRYOGENIC VIALS COLOUR CODER WHITE (PACK OF

Fisherbrand™ Polypropylene Cryogenic Storage Box

Store up to 81 microtube and cryogenic vials in vibrantly colored boxes. Fisherbrand™ Polypropylene Microtube Storage Boxes are designed for quick visual identification and easy access within a compact footprint. Safe for low temperature storage. 5x STORAGE BOX 81-WELL BLUE

Tenak™ Cryobox 130mm high yellow 133mm x 133mm, Tenak