Refrigerators, Freezers and Cryogenics

Thermo Scientific™ TLE Series Ultra-Low Freezers

New Thermo Scientific™ TLE Series ultra-low freezers feature a simplified user interface with capacitive touch and advanced security features. Thermo Scientific TLE ULT Freezer, -86C, 300 Box Capacity, 230V/50 Hz

Thermo Scientific™ TSX Series Ultra-Low Freezers

Thermo Scientific™ TSX Series ultra-low freezers are designed to meet the highest sustainability, temperature management and reliability standards for -80°C and -70°C storage. Thermo Scientific TSX ULT Freezer, -86C, 700 Box Capacity, 230V/50 Hz

New Brunswick Scientific™ CryoCube F570 Upright Freezer

Use this ULT freezer for storage and preservation of all types of biological samples. New Brunswick Scientific™ CryoCube F570 Upright Freezer has a high efficiency fan, compressor, and condenser which decrease the power consumption. CryoCube F570 Freezer, 230V/ 50Hz, and European/UK

Thermo Scientific™ Sensors and Replacement Batteries for Thermo Scientific™ Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

Use these Thermo Scientific™ Sensors and Replacement Batteries with our ultra-low temperature freezers.

PT100 sensor 290199 Thermo Scientificfactory fitted option

Thermo Scientific™ Mr. Frosty™ Freezing Container

Freeze cells in tubes from 1 to 5mL using the Thermo Scientific™ Mr. Frosty™ Container, designed to achieve a rate of cooling very close to -1°C/minute. MINICOOLER MR FROSTY 12X4,5/5ML

Thermo Scientific™ Forma™ 900 Series -86°C Upright Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

Provide uncompromised sample protection for -50° to -86°C applications with Thermo Scientific™ Forma™ 900 Series -86°C Upright Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers. FREEZER FORMA 995 651L DOUBLEdoor 900series 230V 50-60Hz -50C to -86C 1976mm(h)

Fisherbrand™ Isotemp™ -86°C Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers, 28 cu. ft.

Mid-level monitoring and alarm functions UPRIGHT FREEZER ISOTEMP EXT DIMS 1189MM X 940MM X1979mm (w x d x h) -50°C to -80°C 230V 50Hz 792L

Statebourne Cryogenics™ Phase Separator

Helps to significantly reduce the amount of splashing and vapourisation which normally occurs during the decanting process. PHASE SEPERATOR 1/2' BSP

Liebherr™ MediLine Laboratory Refrigerator with Profi Electronic Controller

A range of purpose built laboratory refrigerators - single and double door, solid and glass door. Heavy duty single glass door medical fridge, 601L

Thermo Scientific™ LN2 Transfer Hose

Provide the convenience, reassurance, and reliability required in the event of a power or mechanical failure with this LN2 transfer hose. FLEXIBLE HOSE 1,8M

Liebherr™ Forced-Air Refrigerator with Alarm

Use these refrigerators for general laboratory storage of temperature sensitive samples. Liebherr™ Forced-Air Refrigerators feature plastic coated grid shelves and plastic interior containers. Refrigerator Liebherr GKv6460 laboratory, 663L

Liebherr™ GKPv Series ProfiPremiumLine GN 2/1 Forced Air Refrigerators

Provides outstanding cooling for professional-standard, long-term freshness. Liebherr™ GKPv Series ProfiPremiumLine GN 2/1 Forced Air Refrigerators feature fan-assisted cooling, an electronic control system with integrated logging and stainless steel liner/exterior for a robust, reliable unit. GKPv6590 Commercial Fridge Stainless Steel 601ltr

Thermo Scientific™ Benchtop Coolers

Protect enzymes, cells, reagents and solutions by maintaining freezer temperatures while on the laboratory bench using benchtop coolers. Reagent cooling box Labtop Cooler 3x4 up to 1 øCfor test tubes 13 mm

Thermo Scientific™ TSX Series High-Performance -20°C Manual Defrost Freezers

Thermo Scientific™ TSX Series high-performance -20°C manual defrost freezers offer a sustainable choice for clinical and laboratory storage Freezer TSX series High-Performance 650L, -20°C, solid door, manual defrost

Thermo Scientific™ TSX Series High-Performance Blood Bank Refrigerators

Thermo Scientific™ TSX Series high-performance blood bank refrigerators offer a sustainable choice for whole blood and blood components refrigeration. TSX refrigerator BLOOD 1447L 230v/50hz

Thermo Scientific™ Revco™ Upright Freezer

Laboratory freezer -30°C 659L

Eppendorf™ CryoCube™ F740

Polyurethane foam insulation combined with a highly efficient cooling system achieve and maintain ultra-low temperatures. Eppendorf™ CryoCube™ F740 is known for its energy efficiency, reliability, and worry-free, long-term sample preservation. CryoCube F740hi ULT Freezer, 5 inner compartments, outer door w. right handle, air- cooled, EU plug

Fryka™ B 30 Cold Box

Compact and space saving. Fryka B 30 Cold Box designed as desktop appliances and are used for cooling and freezing for all research and industry laboratories. COLD BOX 30L -20/+10°CTemperaturber. bis -20 °C

Liebherr™ MediLine Lab Freezer with Comfort Controller, Spark-free

Designed for optimal freezing and maximum safety. Liebherr™ MediLine Lab Freezer with Comfort Controller, Spark-free provides better, faster cooling in an explosion-proof freezer. Comfort controller features integrated alarm and monitoring systems. Available in two sizes: under benchtop and full upright. FREEZER LIEBHERR LGEX3410 LAB, UPRIGHT, SPARKfree (ATEX), 360L manual defrost, digital control,

Thermo Scientific™ Forma™ 7000 Series -40°C Upright Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

Provide uncompromised sample protection for -10° to -40°C applications with these ultra-low temperature freezers, designed for daily sample protection and dependability. UPRIGHT -40°C 490L SERIE 7000

Thermo Scientific™ ES Series FMS Lab Freezers

Reduce risk of explosion. These laboratory freezers are ideal for storage of potentially flammable material in general laboratory locations with limited space. 232L ES SERIES MANUAL FREEZER; ATEX CERTIFIED230V / 50Hz with digital display, alarms and door

Thermo Scientific™ Revco™ Blood Bank Refrigerators

Store whole blood and blood components while meeting the strict AABB, ANRC and FDA requirements with Thermo Scientific™ Revco™ Blood Bank Refrigerators. Fridge Thermo Scientific Revco upright blood bank

Thermo Scientific™ Bio-Cane™ Cane and Canister Systems

Store cells, tissue and biologicals in a cost-effective manner with Thermo Scientific™ Bio-Cane™ Canister and Cane Systems. BIOCANE 47

Fisherbrand™ Isothermal IcePans

Provides high durability and excellent insulation. Fisherbrand™ IsoThermal Ice Pans are the ideal cooling containers for ultra-cold uses, including dry ice and liquid nitrogen. Convenient and easy to use, with lids that nest securely under the bucket. Available in three color-coded sizes. ICE PAN GREEN 1L 26X19X11CM

Thermo Scientific™ Forma™ 8600 Series -86°C Ultra-Low Temperature Chest Freezers

Store samples confidently in the Forma 8600 Series -86°C chest freezer. Available in four sizes to accommodate a variety of needs. CHESTFREEZER -86°C 567L SERIE 8600