Water Quality and Purification

Fisherbrand™ pH Indicator Paper Sticks

Measure the pH value quickly and easily directly at the point of interest. Fisherbrand™ pH indicator paper sticks are ready to use at any time and don’t need any calibration, set-up or maintenance. Therefore, they are perfect in a variety of environments such as: chemical laboratories, industry, dairies, production, universities, schools and food processing. X100 pH-Fix strips pH 5.1-7.2

Thermo Scientific™ Barnstead™ Cartridge Kits


EMD Millipore™ Milli-Q™ Reference Ultrapure Water Purification System

Make ultrapure water delivery convenient with the Millipore Milli-Q™ Reference Ultrapure Water Purification System. Milli-Q Reference A+

Thermo Scientific™ Eutech TN-100 Handheld Infrared Turbidity Meter Kit

Waterproof, portable, infrared Turbidity meter wtih extended range up to 2000 NTU, 0.01 resolution Trübungsmessgerät TN 100, Messbereich 0 bis 1000NTU, Kunststoff-Koffer

Kartell™ Sedimentation Imhoff Cones

Manufactured with SAN for crystal clear visibility and strength. Kartell™ Sedimentation Imhoff Cone is an ideal solution for determining settleable solids in surface and saline waters and sewage. imhoff sedimentation cone SAN 1000ml

Macherey-Nagel™ Oil Test Paper

Allows the rapid, reliable and qualitative detection of oil contaminations of water and soil. Macherey Nagel™ Oil Test Papers' sensitivity largely depends on the nature of the respective hydrocarbon. X100 OIL STRIPS

Fisherbrand™ Universal pH Indicator Paper

Provides rapid and precise readings. Fisherbrand™ Universal pH Indicator Paper include a color scale printed on the cover for convenience. Indicator paper, pH 1-11, reels, 4/Cs

Fisherbrand™ pH-Fix Test Strips, 7.9-9.8

Provides outstanding measurements safely over the designated pH range. Fisherbrand™ pH-Fix Test Strips, 7.9-9.8 are sufficiently long to avoid contact between the fingers and the test sample. X100 pH test strip Fisherbrand pH-fix 7.9 to 9.8non-bleeding colour fixed

Veolia Water Systems™ Micron Point-of-Use Filter

Rich, robust, excellent for ensuring consistent ultra pure water quality with respect to particles and bacteria immediately prior to dispensing. FILTER 0,2µ AT DISPENSE POINT

GFL Gesellschaft Fuer Labortec™ Stainless Steel Single Distillation

Use these stills for a variety of distillation applications. GFL Gesellschaft fuer Labortec™ Stainless Steel Single Distillation stills produce ultra-pure, low-gas, bacteria and pyrogen free distillate with a very low conductivity. WATER STILL SINGLE 8L/H 400V TRI

Hanna Instruments™ Chromium IV Reagent Sets, For Colorimetric Water Testing

Allows users to achieve fast and accurate colorimetric measurements. Hanna Instruments™ Chromium IV Reagent Sets, For Colorimetric Water Testing are high-quality, pre-measured solutions for use with compatible benchtop and/or portable Hanna meters. X100 TEST CHROMIUM VI LR

Behr Labor Technik™ COD 24 Sample Reactor

Use these reactors for a variety of COD digestion applications. Behr Labor Technik™ COD 24 Sample Reactors feature a sophisticated design that ensures precise and uniform temperature values for all sample positions. COD 24 SAMPLE REACTORReaktionsgefäße RG, 20 ... 300 °C

Fisherbrand™ pH-Fix Test Strips, 1.7-3.8

Provides outstanding measurements safely over the designated pH range. Fisherbrand™ pH-Fix Test Strips, 1.7-3.8 are sufficiently long to avoid contact between the fingers and the test sample. pH-Fix Indikatorstäbchen pH 1,7 - 3,8, 6x85mm(VE=100Stck.)

Fisherbrand™ Grade 912 Universal Test Paper

Used for general analysis. INDIKATORPAPPER LACKMUS 5-9PH FP=200

EMD Millipore™ Milli-Q™ Ultrapure Water Systems Accessory, Cartridges

Choose from a wide selection of replacement cartridges Q-GARD 2

EMD Millipore™ Progard™ 1 Pretreatment Pack (Short)

For optimal protection of Reverse Osmosis membranes PROGARD 1 ALONE (SHORT)

Grant Instruments™ Grant Bio™ Densitometer

Measures turbidity of cell suspensions in a variety of life science applications. Grant Instruments™ Densitometer is designed and factory calibrated to measure turbidity in the range of 0.5 to 4.0 McFarland units (DEN-1) 0.0 to >7.5 McFarland units (DEN-1B) with a small standard deviation. DENSITOMETER GRANT BIO DEN-1 TUBE 230V 50-60HZ75mm (h) x 115mm (d) x 165mm (w) 0.3 to 5.0 McF

Macherey-Nagel™ Quantofix™ Chloride Test Strip Kits

Allows for the quick and easy determination of chloride in solutions. Macherey Nagel™ Quantofix™ Chloride Test Strip Kits are semi-quantitative, come pre-calibrated and contain all necessary equipment and reagents.
X100 Test sticks QUANTOFIX Chloride semi, quantita

VELP Scientifica™ UDK 129 Kjeldahl Distillation Unit

Takes 5 minutes to collect 100mL of distilalte. VELP Scientifica™ UDK 129 Kjeldahl Distillation Unit is supplied with a 250mL test tube, 250mL collecting flask, pincer, and a set of inlet and outlet tubes. UDK129 DISTILLATION UNIT 230V/50-60HZUDK129 DISTILLATION UNIT 230V/50-60HZ

Veolia Water Systems™ Resin Cartridge

Resin cartridge used to remove ionic contaminants to achieve specified water quality. X2 RESIN CARTRIDGE FOR MICROMEG

Thermo Scientific™ Barnstead™ Smart2Pure™ Water Purification System

Convert tap water to both ASTM Type 1 and Type 2 water with the compact, all-in-one Thermo Scientific™ Barnstead™ Smart2Pure™ Water Purification System. SMART2PURE6

Fisherbrand™ Deionization Cartridges

Purify water with single use cartridges. Fisherbrand™ Deionization Cartridges change color when saturation is detected. DEIONISATION CARTRIDGE U3

Lovibond™ COD Tube Tests; MR; Mercury Free

Premeasured unit dose reagent for water quality testing X25 VIALS COD VARIO TUBE TEST 0-1500 MG/L