Organic Building Blocks

Mercurochrome, 24-27% Mercury, ACROS Organics™

Chemical Name or Material: Mercurochrome Assay: 24 to 27% (Hg), 18 to 22.5% (Br2) Molecular Formula: C20H8Br2HgNa2O6 Formula Weight: 750.65 MDL Number: MFCD00013081 Synonym: 2, 7-Dibromo-4-hydroxymercurifluoresceine disodium salt 100GR Mercurochrome, 24-27% Mercury

Alfa Aesar™ 3-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)propionic acid, 99%

Chemical Name or Material: 3-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)propionic acid CAS: 501-97-3 Molecular Formula: C9H10O3 Formula Weight: 166.18 MDL Number: MFCD00002778 Beilstein: 2209841 Synonym: 4-Hydroxyhydrocinnamic acid; Phloretic acid 3-(4-HYDROXYPHENYL)PROPIONIC ACID, 99%,250G

1,6-Hexanediamine, 99.5+%, ACROS Organics™

Chemical Name or Material: 1, 6-Hexanediamine Assay: ≥99.5% Assay Percent Range: 99.5+% Molecular Formula: C6H16N2 Linear Formula: H2N(CH2)6NH2 Formula Weight: 116.21 Synonym: 1, 6-Diaminohexane 1KG 1,6-Hexanediamine, 99.5+%

2-(Dicyclohexylphosphino)-2'-isopropylbiphenyl 98%, ACROS Organics™

Chemical Name or Material: 2-(Dicyclohexylphosphino)-2'-isopropylbiphenyl CAS: 251320-85-1 CAS Min %: 97.5 CAS Max %: 100.0 Assay: 98% Assay Percent Range: 98% Molecular Formula: C27H37P Formula Weight: 392.56 MDL Number: MFCD09744023 5GR 2-(Dicyclohexylphosphino)-2'-isopropylbiphenyl, 98%

Acetonitrile-d3, for NMR, packaged in 1.00mL ampoules, 99.95% atom D, ACROS Organics™

10ML Acetonitrile-d3, for NMR, packaged in 1.00 ml ampoules, 99.95 atom % D

Alfa Aesar™ Trimethylacetyl chloride, 98+%

Chemical Name or Material: Trimethylacetyl chloride CAS: 3282-30-2 Molecular Formula: (CH3)3CCOCl Formula Weight: 120.58 MDL Number: MFCD00000709 UN Number: UN2438 Beilstein: 385668 Synonym: Pivaloyl chloride TRIMETHYLACETYL CHLORIDE, 98+% 100ML

Alfa Aesar™ 4-tert-Butylbenzonitrile, 98+%

Chemical Name or Material: 4-tert-Butylbenzonitrile CAS: 4210-32-6 Molecular Formula: C11H13N Formula Weight: 159.23 MDL Number: MFCD00075840 Beilstein: 2080049 4-TERT-BUTYLBENZONITRILE, 98%,25G

Alfa Aesar™ n-Tricosane, 99%

Chemical Name or Material: n-Tricosane CAS: 638-67-5 Molecular Formula: CH3(CH2)21CH3 Formula Weight: 324.64 MDL Number: MFCD00009350 Beilstein: 1756000 N-TRICOSANE, 99% 5G

Alfa Aesar™ 4,4',4''-Trimethoxytrityl chloride, 97%

Chemical Name or Material: 4,4',4''-Trimethoxytrityl chloride CAS: 49757-42-8 Molecular Formula: C22H21ClO3 Formula Weight: 368.86 MDL Number: MFCD00008408 Beilstein: 892836 Synonym: Chlorotris(4-methoxyphenyl)methane; 4,4',4''-Trimethoxytriphenylmethyl chloride 4,4,4-TRIMETHOXYTRITYL CHLORIDE, 97%,25G

Alfa Aesar™ 2,3-Dichlorophenol, 98+%

Chemical Name or Material: 2,3-Dichlorophenol CAS: 576-24-9 Molecular Formula: C6H4Cl2O Formula Weight: 163 MDL Number: MFCD00002160 UN Number: UN2020 Beilstein: 2043615 2,3-DICHLOROPHENOL, 98% 25G

Alfa Aesar™ 2-Bromo-1,3,5-trimethyl-4-nitrobenzene, 90+%

Chemical Name or Material: 2-Bromo-1,3,5-trimethyl-4-nitrobenzene CAS: 90561-85-6 Molecular Formula: C9H10BrNO2 Formula Weight: 244.09 MDL Number: MFCD00015924 Beilstein: 1958703 Synonym: 2-Bromo-4-nitromesitylene; 2-Bromo-4-nitro-1,3,5-trimethylbenzene 2-BROMO-4-NITRO-1,3,5-TRIMETHYLBENZENE, TECH. 90%,

Alfa Aesar™ 2-Methyl-5-(trifluoromethyl)cinnamic acid, 97%

Chemical Name or Material: 2-Methyl-5-(trifluoromethyl)cinnamic acid Molecular Formula: C11H9F3O2 Formula Weight: 230.18 MDL Number: MFCD09832288 250MG 2-Methyl-5-(trifluoromethyl)cinnamic acid, 97% 250mg

Amberlite™ IR-120 Na ion-exchange resin, ACROS Organics™

Chemical Name or Material: Amberlite™ IR120 CAS: 9002-23-7 MDL Number: MFCD00132707 1KG Amberlite IR120, Na form, ion-exchange resin

Alfa Aesar™ 2-Fluorostyrene, 98%, stab. with 0.1% 4-tert-butylcatechol

Chemical Name or Material: 2-Fluorostyrene CAS: 394-46-7 Name Note: stabilized with 0.1% 4-tert-butylcatechol Molecular Formula: C8H7F Formula Weight: 122.14 MDL Number: MFCD00013550 UN Number: UN1993 Beilstein: 1925226 2-FLUOROSTYRENE, 98% 25G

DL-α-Phenylglycine, 99%, ACROS Organics™

Chemical Name or Material: DL-α-Phenylglycine Assay: ≥98.5% (total base) Assay Percent Range: 99% Molecular Formula: C8H9NO2 Linear Formula: C6H5CH(NH2)CO2H Formula Weight: 151.16 MDL Number: MFCD00064402 Synonym: DL-α-Aminophenylacetic acid 100GR DL-alpha-Phenylglycine, 99%

Alfa Aesar™ 4-Chloro-2-fluorotoluene, 99%

Chemical Name or Material: 4-Chloro-2-fluorotoluene CAS: 452-75-5 Molecular Formula: C7H6ClF Formula Weight: 144.58 MDL Number: MFCD00000571 UN Number: UN1993 Beilstein: 1931682 4-CHLORO-2-FLUOROTOLUENE, 99%25G

Alfa Aesar™ 4-(Boc-amino)-4-carbamoylbutyric acid, 98%

Chemical Name or Material: 4-(Boc-amino)-4-carbamoylbutyric acid CAS: 18800-74-3 Formula Weight: 246.26 MDL Number: MFCD00070081 Synonym: Boc-Glu-NH2 1GR 4-(Boc-amino)-4-carbamoylbutyric acid, 98% 1g

Alfa Aesar™ 2,6-Diisopropylphenyl isothiocyanate, 97%

Chemical Name or Material: 2,6-Diisopropylphenyl isothiocyanate CAS: 25343-70-8 Molecular Formula: C13H17NS Formula Weight: 219.35 MDL Number: MFCD00041341 UN Number: UN2922 Beilstein: 2416576 2,6-DIISOPROPYLPHENYL ISOTHIOCYANATE, TECH. 90%,5G

Thiobenzoic acid, 90%, ACROS Organics™

Chemical Name or Material: Thiobenzoic acid Assay: 90% Assay Percent Range: 90% Molecular Formula: C7H6OS Linear Formula: C6H5COSH Formula Weight: 138.18 MDL Number: MFCD00004852 25GR Thiobenzoic acid, 90%

Alfa Aesar™ (+/-)-1-Phenylethanol, 97%

Chemical Name or Material: (+/-)-1-Phenylethanol CAS: 98-85-1 Molecular Formula: C8H10O Formula Weight: 122.17 MDL Number: MFCD00004508 UN Number: UN2937 Synonym: alpha-Methylbenzyl alcohol; Methyl phenyl carbinol DL-1-PHENYLETHANOL, 98% 10000G

Alfa Aesar™ N-(3,5-Difluorophenyl)-2-(trifluoromethyl)benzamide, 97%

Chemical Name or Material: N-(3,5-Difluorophenyl)-2-(trifluoromethyl)benzamide Molecular Formula: C14H8F5NO Formula Weight: 301.21 1GR N-(3,5-Difluorophenyl)-2-(trifluoromethyl)benzamide, 97% 1g

Iminostilbene, 97%, ACROS Organics™

Chemical Name or Material: Iminostilbene Name Note: 97% CAS: 256-96-2 Assay: ≥96.0% Assay Percent Range: 97% Molecular Formula: C14H11N Formula Weight: 193.25 MDL Number: MFCD00005071 Synonym: 5H-Dibenz[b, f]azepine 100GR Iminostilbene, 97%

Nitrobenzene, 99%, Extra Pure, ACROS Organics™

Chemical Name or Material: Nitrobenzene CAS: 98-95-3 CAS Min %: 98.5 CAS Max %: 100.0 Purity Grade: Extra Pure Assay: 99% Assay Percent Range: 99% Molecular Formula: C6H5NO2 Linear Formula: C6H5NO2 Formula Weight: 123.11 MDL Number: MFCD00007043 1LT Nitrobenzene, 99%, extra pure

2,6-Dimethylcyclohexanol, Mixture of Isomers 99%, ACROS Organics™

Chemical Name or Material: 2, 6-Dimethylcyclohexanol Name Note: 99% CAS: 5337-72-4 CAS Min %: 98.5 CAS Max %: 100.0 Assay: ≥98.5% Assay Percent Range: 99% Molecular Formula: C8H16O Linear Formula: (CH3)2C6H9OH Formula Weight: 128.21 MDL Number: MFCD00001502 5GR 2,6-Dimethylcyclohexanol, 99%, mixture of isomers

Poly(ethylene oxide), ∽ M.W. 300,000, ACROS Organics™

Chemical Name or Material: Poly(ethylene oxide) Name Note: Approximate M.W. 300.000 CAS: 25322-68-3 Linear Formula: (-CH2CH2O-)n MDL Number: MFCD00081839 Synonym: PEO 250GR Poly(ethylene oxide), approx. M.W. 300,000

Alfa Aesar™ 1-Chloro-3-methyl-2-butene, 95%, stab. with potassium carbonate

Chemical Name or Material: 1-Chloro-3-methyl-2-butene CAS: 503-60-6 Name Note: stabilized with potassium carbonate Molecular Formula: C5H9Cl Linear Formula: (CH3)2C=CHCH2Cl Formula Weight: 104.57 MDL Number: MFCD00000982 UN Number: UN1993 Synonym: 3,3-Dimethylallyl chloride; Prenyl chloride 1-CHLORO-3-METHYL-2-BUTENESTAB, WITH K2CO3,50G

Alfa Aesar™ 5-Bromo-2-fluorobenzaldehyde, 98%

Chemical Name or Material: 5-Bromo-2-fluorobenzaldehyde CAS: 93777-26-5 Molecular Formula: C7H4BrFO Formula Weight: 203.01 MDL Number: MFCD00070755 Beilstein: 7632798 5-BROMO-2-FLUOROBENZALDEHYDE, 98%,50G

2-Methoxy-5-methylaniline, 95%, ACROS Organics™

Chemical Name or Material: 2-Methoxy-5-methylaniline CAS: 120-71-8 CAS Min %: 94.0 CAS Max %: 100.0 Assay: ≥94% Assay Percent Range: 95% Molecular Formula: C8H11NO Linear Formula: CH3OC6H3(CH3)NH2 Formula Weight: 137.18 MDL Number: MFCD00007815 100GR 2-Methoxy-5-methylaniline, 95%

8-Amino-2H-1,4-benzoxazin-3(4H)-one, 95%, Acros Organics

Chemical Name or Material: 8-Amino-2H-1, 4-benzoxazin-3(4H)-one Assay Percent Range: 95% Molecular Formula: C8H8N2O2 Formula Weight: 164.16 5GR 8-Amino-2H-1,4-benzoxazin-3(4H)-one, 95%

Alfa Aesar™ 4-Bromo-N-(2,3-dichlorophenyl)benzamide, 97%

Chemical Name or Material: 4-Bromo-N-(2,3-dichlorophenyl)benzamide CAS: 90665-23-9 Molecular Formula: C13H8BrCl2NO Formula Weight: 345.02 MDL Number: MFCD00434575 500MG 4-Bromo-N-(2,3-dichlorophenyl)benzamide, 97% 500mg