Pumps and Tubing

Ark Plas Products™ Polypropylene Tubing

Designed for indoor/outdoor applications requiring more rigid tubing. Ark Plas Products™ Polypropylene Tubing is extruded using state of the art in-line process monitoring equipment to ensure the highest quality. 30M PP TUBG 9,6X12,7MM

KNF LABOPORT™ PPS Pump Head EPDM Mini Diaphragm Vacuum Pump

Carry this convenient vacuum pump wherever you need vacuum. KNF LABOPORT™ PPS Pump Head EPDM Mini Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps feature chemically resistant wetted parts for maximum performance and outstanding product life. Pumps can tolerate occasional liquid ingestion without damage. VACUUM PUMP 6L/MIN 100MBAR Hz, Schutzart IP20, EUplug

KNF™ PTFE Coated Diaphragm Vacuum Pump

Use this pump for sampling, evacuating and compressing applications. KNF™ PTFE Coated Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps permit gentle distillation and high rates of recovery even with low-boiling solvents. VACUUM PUMP 6L/MIN 160MBAR, EU plug

Ark Plas™ Polypropylene Tubing

For your more rigid, indoor/outdoor applications 30M PP TUBG 12,7X15,9M

Ark Plas Products™ Colored Vinyl (PVC) Tubing

General purpose fluid transfer tubing for the laboratory, color-coded for rapid identification. 30M RED PVC TUBG 6,4 X 9,6 MM

Fisherbrand™ FH100M Multichannel Peristaltic Pump

Positive displacement pump used for pumping a variety of fluids. Fisherbrand™ FH100M Multichannel Peristaltic Pump an save considerable time and resources while greatly improving process efficiency. MCP3000 4/6 Multichannel pump 4ch,6rlr

Fisherbrand™ Catalyst Tygon E-Food Two-Stop Microbore Tubing Sets

Preconfigured ready-to-use links and assemblies. X12 PVC LINKS 0.25 mm

Speed Control Module

Integrates easlily into existing systems with direct control through the keypad or remotely through another device. Gilson™ Speed Control Module is quiet and user friendly. For use with MINIPULS™ 3 Peristaltic Pump. drive Minipuls 3 0,01-48rpm 110/220V

KNF Neuberger™ Aluminium/Chromium Diaphragm Pump

Transfer, compress and pump down without contamination. KNF™ Aluminium/Chromium Diaphragm Pumps are double-head, dry-running devices used in a wide range of laboratory applications. VACUUM PUMP 15L/MIN 100MB, EU plug

Fisherbrand™ Diaphragm Pump

Use these chemically resistant pumps for applications involving aggressive solvents and acidic vapors. Fisherbrand™ Diaphragm Pumps and connection heads are carbon fiber reinforced to provide electrical conductivity and prevent electrostatic charging. DIAPHRAGM VACUUM PUMP CHEMICALLYresistant ultimate vacuum <8 mbar 220V 50-60Hz

Welch Ilmvac™ Diaphragm Vacuum Pump Service and Maintenance Kit

Service and Maintenance Kits comprised of replacement seals and wearable parts for various models of diaphragm pumps. MAINTENANCE KIT FOR DIAFRAGM PUMPecoflex

Welch™ MP 301 Z Vacuum Pump

Use this standard dry vacuum pump for general vacuum pumping. Welch™ MP 301 Z Vacuum Pumps are ideal for vacuum filtration, desiccation and cell culture applications. VACUUM PUMP STANDARD 38L/MIN 8MBW / D / H: 230/265/169 mm

Brand™ Silicone Tubing, 7mm

Durable silicone tubing well suited for a variety of pump and transfer applications. Silicone tubing, ID/OD 7/10mm, 25M0 mm, AD=10,0 mm, W 1,5 mm

Cole-Parmer™ Polycarbonate Rotating Luer Fitting, male x male

Easily complete your luer fittings systems with these premium connectors. Cole-Parmer™ Polycarbonate Rotating Luer Fittings are ideal for many applications with small tubing. ADAPTER ROTATING LUER M-M

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Complete Fitting Assortment

Reduces time spent searching for the right tubing connector or stopper X72 PLASTIC CONNECTOR,ASSORTMENT WITH BOX

Cole-Parmer™ Polycarbonate Luer Fittings

Designed to work with microtubing and luer-type syringes. Standard-sized connecting ends make these luer fittings completely interchangeable for surefire installations. X25 FITTING LUER MF PC

Cole-Parmer™ Nylon Male Luer Fitting

Ensure process integrity with full material traceability. Cole-Parmer™ Nylon Male Luer Fitting are ideal for a variety of critical applications, including syringes or small tubing. These fittings are inspected to be free from contaminants, and are fully traceable. X25 LUER W/LOCKNUT M 3/16 NYL

Ark Plas Products™ Polypropylene Male Luers with Lock Ring

Use these luers with a wide variety of medical and laboratory instruments. Ark Plas Products™ Polypropylene Luer Plugs feature conical tapers molded to ISO 594-1 and ISO 594-2 Standards for 6% luer tapers to ensure compatibility with all other luers molded to the same standard. X25 ADAPTER LUER LOCK M X 2,3MMI

BrandTech™ VACUUBRAND™ MZ2D NT Diaphragm Vacuum Pump

Pump utilizes diaphragm vacuum technology for totally dry operation so there is no oil to change or monitor Diaphragm pump MZ 2D NT . EU plug

Fisherbrand™ Chemical-Resistant Check Valves

Constructed of chemical-resistant Kynar™ body and Viton™ valve X6 CHEM-RESISTANT CHECK VALVE 1/4

Welch™ Standard Duty WOB-L™ Piston Vacuum Pump: Model 2522

For non-chemical applications VACUUM PISTON PUMP 19L/MIN 133 MB146mbar, für 18 l/min, 230V

Fisherbrand™ FB65464 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

Two-stage rotary vane vacuum pump. Fisherbrand™ FB65464 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump designed for laboratory applications requiring a deep vacuum. Rotary vane vacuum pump Fisherbrand double stage

BRAND™ Silicone Tubing

Translucent tubing 25M Tubing, silicone rubber, ID 2.0mm OD 4.0mm

GL45 Screw cap Twin Hose Connector for Pyrex GL 45 media-lab bottle

Connect GL45 media bottles with flexible tubing using a twin hose connector. The GL45 screw cap twin hose connector for the Pyrex™ GL45 media-lab bottle keeps solutions sterile. X2 Screw cap, autoclable, GL 45 with two hose connectors

Gilson™ Peristaltic Pump Tubing for Gilson™ MF1 and MF4 Medium Flow Pump Heads

Manufactured to the utmost standard. Gilson™ Peristaltic Pump Tubing for Gilson™ MF1 and MF4 Medium Flow Pump Heads are autoclavable. 3M PVC tubing, 1.29x3.0mm

Ismatec™ REGLO-CPF Analog Pump Drive


CPC™ Female 6.4mm Fluted Coupling Connector

Provides for quick subassembly connection. CPC™ Female 6.4mm Fluted Couplings feature a body and valve manufactured from Delrin Acetal and spring and lever from stainless steel.

Ark Plas Products™ Polypropylene Threaded Male Luer

Use these luers with a wide variety of medical and laboratory instruments. Ark Plas Products™ Polypropylene Threaded Male Luers feature conical tapers molded to ISO 594-1 and ISO 594-2 Standards for 6% luer tapers to ensure compatibility with all other luers molded to the same standard. X25 ADAPTER LUER M X M1/4'28F

Buerkle™ Three-way Valves

Make tubing connections with Buerkle™ Three-way Valves. They are autoclavable and they can accommodate varying diameters of tubing sections and configurations. VALVE 3-WAY PE 9 A 11 MM ID

Buerkle™ AirJet™ Mini Membrane Vacuum Pump

Able to pump, compact and evacuate 100% oil-free, which means it does not distort results or add impurities. AirJet vacuum pump Mini EPDM