Experience Unrivalled Protection and Comfort with Kimtech Polaris Nitrile Gloves


To enable scientists in demanding environments to conduct their work both safely and comfortably, Kimberly-Clark Professional™ has introduced Kimtech™ Polaris™ Nitrile Gloves. These gloves offer outstanding protection and strength, together with superior dexterity and comfort. With a U.S. Ergonomics certification for delivering measurable ergonomic benefits to the user, by improving comfort and fit, and by minimizing risk factors that may cause injuries, they are the most protective glove in the Kimtech™ portfolio of laboratory gloves. In addition to these benefits, Kimtech™ Polaris™ Nitrile Gloves boast:

  • Premium grade nitrile with a proprietary formulation
  • The latest in manufacturing technology
  • Enhanced chemical splash protection [Type B (JKOPT)]
  • Extended chemotherapy drug splash protection

The Polaris Difference

Kimtech™ Polaris™ Nitrile Gloves are designed for use in laboratories and non-sterile pharmaceutical manufacturing environments, as well as in life science applications. They have been tested against 29 common chemicals and 24 chemotherapy drugs, nearly triple the number required by the ASTM D6978 standard for chemotherapy use. Available in two lengths (25cm and 30cm), Polaris™ and Polaris™ Xtra Nitrile Gloves help close lab coat gaps to ensure maximum protection.

Polaris™ Gloves also deliver optimal skin health protection and minimize any skin reaction through non-detectable levels of vulcanizing agent in the finished product. In addition, their textured fingertips and smooth finishing help prevent drops and breakage incidents, even when wet. Their proprietary formulation and dark magenta color make them a unique and highly effective addition to any scientific environment. Furthermore, if they remain non-hazardous after use, Polaris™ Gloves can be recycled through The RightCycle™ Program.

Scientist wearing Kimtech Polaris Nitrile Gloves

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