Papiers et nacelles de pesée

Fisherbrand™ Bacs jetables de pesée / séchage en aluminium

Designed for weighing, drying and more. Compatible with many popular balances and moisture analyzers. Choice of 10.9cm and 12.2cm diameter dishes. X500 COUPELLE BASSE ALU 102 MM

Fisherbrand™ Nacelles de pesée en aluminium

Aluminum dishes for weighing and dispensing X1000 CAPSULE PESEE ALU 70MM 65 ML

Fisherbrand™ Nacelles en aluminium jetables à bords plissés

Useful as evaporating and general utility dishes X1000 COUPELLE ALUMINIUM 75 ML

Fisherbrand™ Papiers de pesée, grade 908

Smooth paper with satin appearance and wetstrength resistance. X250 PAPIER PESEE 908 150X150MM150X150MM

Fisherbrand™ Weighing Paper Sheets

Provides a barrier between the scale and the product being weighed. Fisherbrand™ Weighing Paper Sheets have a tare weight of only 45g/m2. X250 feuilles de papier de pesée 45g/m² 100x100 mm

Whatman™ Papiers de pesée Kjeldahl

Constructed of Pergamyne paper. Whatman™ Grade 2122 Weighing Papers provide excellent quantitative transfer from paper. Shiny surface confirms complete transfer. X500 Grade 2122 Kjeldahl Weighing Boat Sheet, 150× 150 mm 2122 sheets

Sartorius™ Nacelles de pesée en aluminium

Variety of sizes available Aluminium Weighing Pan 4,5mg (250 St.)

Whatman™ Nacelles de pesée Kjeldahl

Designed to collect, transfer, and drop both sample and weighing boat into the acid solution during a Kjeldahl analysis without influencing analytical results. Whatman™ Kjeldahl Weighing Boats are excellent for both weighing and quantitative sample transfer. X100 NACELLE DE PESEE KJELDAHL

Macherey Nagel™ Weighing Papers

Guarantees that weighed goods can be transferred without loss. Macherey Nagel™ Weighing Papers are transparent and smooth on both sides. X100 PAPIER PESEE MN226 9X11,5CM9X11,5CM