Flacons de filtration et microplaques

Thermo Scientific™ Flacons à vide en polypropylène Nalgene™

Remplacez les flacons en verre par les flacons à vide en polypropylène Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ moulés en monobloc pour permettre le vide intégral et dont l’entrée de tubulure oblique prévient tout basculement. FIOLE A VIDE PP 1000ML


Thermoformed polystyrene fluid guard X100 ANTIGOUTTE FILTREX96

Kimble™ Flacons de filtration KIMAX™ à embout latéral

Heavy walled with graduated scale, side tubulation, tooled neck X1 Filtering Flasks, Heavy Wall, Side Tubulation,

Corning™ Plaques de filtration FiltrEX

Individual filter discs eliminate liquid cross-contamination X50 FILTREX96 PS BLANC PVDF 0,2µ0,2µ

Fisherbrand™ Fioles à vide à parois épaisses réutilisables

With heavier walls than standard Erlenmeyer flasks X6 FIOLE A VIDE TOUT VERRE 250ML

Kimble™ Flacon de filtration à parois épaisses Kontes™

Provides mechanical strength under vacuum application Flask 24/40 250ml

DWK Life Sciences Flacons KIMAX™ avec connecteur pour tube à libération rapide

Allow safe attachment of 0.25 in. I.D. (6mm) tubing X2 FIOLE A VIDE VERRE GAINE 250 ML

DWK Life Sciences Flacons de filtration Kontes™ ULTRA-WARE™ à paroi épaisse

Heavy-wall borosilicate glass provides mechanical strength for vacuum filtration FIOLE A VIDE VERRE GAINE 4L

Kimble™ Flacons de filtration KIMAX™ Brand

Designed to afford maximum strength FLASK, HEAVY,SCALE,4000ML KIMAX

EMD Millipore™ Racks pour portoirs MultiScreen™

For radionucleotide counting by transfer of individual filters to tubes X12 PORTOIR POUR FIOLES 7ML - 12X812X8

EMD Millipore™ Plaques d’analyse MultiScreen™ à 96 puits pour tests cellulaires

Offer formats that allow a wide range of functional cell-based and whole-organism assays to be performed X10 MULTISCREEN PLATE PCF CLEAR STST

EMD Millipore™ Plaques de prélèvement MultiScreen™

This Opaque 96-well Cell Harvesting Plates has a Glass Fiber membrane used for Cell harvesting. X60 MULTISCREEN F DE VERRE 1µ NS

EMD Millipore™ Chargeurs de colonne MultiScreen™

No need to pipet slurries, gels, or resins; load all 96 wells simultaneously and uniformly CHARGEUR DE COLONNES 45µL

EMD Millipore™ Plaques de filtration à 384 puits MultiScreenHTS

Use in automated, high throughput applications, including biological assays and sample preparation. EMD Millipore MultiScreenHTS 384-Well Filter Plates are non-sterile, single use plates available in several mesh materials and pore sizes to meet the needs of different applications. X50 MS HTS 384-WELL PH WHITE

EMD Millipore™ Plaques de filtration MultiScreen™ Solvinert

Optimized for drug discovery applications. EMD Millipore MultiScreen™ Solvinert Filter Plates are solvent compatible and feature a unique one-piece design. 96-well plates are available in deep well (2mL) format (with or without pre-filter) and standard (500μL) format, with hydrophobic or hydrophilic membranes. X50 MULTISCREEN PTFE 0,45µM NS

EMD Millipore™ Plaques de filtration à 96 puits MultiScreenHTS Durapore™

Designed for full automation compatibility. EMD Millipore MultiScreenHTS Durapore™ 96-Well Filter Plates are innovative plates ideal for bead based assays. Opaque Barex™ and clear, sterile or non-sterile styrene and racks are available in a range of pore sizes. X10 MULTISCREEN HTS 96 GV

EMD Millipore™ Plaques de filtration à volume important MultiScreen™

Multiwell solutions for discovery research and sample prep X25 Multiscreen High Volume Filter Plates with HVDurapore

EMD Millipore™ Plaques de filtration PCRμ96, PCR96 et PCR384 MultiScreen™

Fully automatable PCR product purification X10 MULTISCREEN PCR96 FILTER

EMD Millipore™ Fioles à vide de rechange

For use with the Millipore Fluids Contamination Analysis Kits and Millipore 55-Plus Monitor FLACON FILTRANT 1L


Positively charged 96-well plates X50 MSHTS DE DURAPOR PVDF .65µM OPOP

EMD Millipore™ Plaques d’analyse MultiScreen™ à 96 puits pour tests ELISPOT

Offre des résultats optimaux dans les tests ELISPOT (essai immuno-enzymatique) immunologiques grâce à une haute capacité de liaison protéique et à une faible coloration du fond X10 MULTISCREEN-HA MF 0,45µ - STST

EMD Millipore™ Plaques de filtration à 96 puits MultiScreen™ HTS pour membrane MCE

Commonly used for Elispot assays, bacterial screening, ELISA or viral infection studies X10 MS HTS HA MCE .45µM CLEAR

EMD Millipore™ Pointes de poinçon et plusieurs poinçons MultiScreen™

For rdionucleotide counting by transfer of individual filters to tubes EMPORTE-PIECE MULTIPLE

EMD Millipore™ Plaques de filtration à 96 puits avec membrane chargée négativement MultiScreen™HTS

Binds positive charge—ideal for kinase assays with peptide substrates and enzyme assays X50 MS HTS+ 96 HI FLOW PH

EMD Millipore™ Kits de plusieurs poinçons MultiScreen™

Includes punch with punch carrier plate and punch distributor KIT EMPORTE-PIECE PORTOIR

EMD Millipore X50 MULTISCREEN-BV PVDF 1,2μ - NS plaque filtrante Multiscreen

Ideal for performing receptor binding assays involving whole cells, membrane fragments, or purified receptors; also suitable for Scatchard analysis, as has been demonstrated in numerous receptor-binding assays including Interleukin I, Angiotensin II, and C5a studies X50 MULTISCREEN-BV PVDF 1,2µ - NS

EMD Millipore Plaque de dosage 96 puits MultiScreen™ : plateaux de transport / d’alimentation

Procédez à la croissance, l’alimentation et l’analyse des cellules dans une seule et même plaque X5 MS CACO 96-WELL TRAY W/ LID STST

EMD Millipore™ Plaques d’analyse à 96 puits MultiScreen™

Provide tools to perform high-throughput studies of ADME processes—the investigation of the adsorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of potential drugs X10 MS PERMEABILITY PCF .45U

EMD Millipore MultiScreenHTS 96-Well Filter Plates

For filtration-based solubility determination. MultiScreenHTS 96-Well Filter Plates are specifically developed for use with automation X10 MULTISCREEN HTSFB OPAQUE NSNS

EMD Millipore™ Flacons récepteurs de rechange

Provide a large filter area for rapid sterile filtration of aqueous fluids into narrow-mouth (33mm) or wide-mouth (45mm) bottles X12 STERICUP COLLECTEUR 500ML500ML