Réactifs et kits de biologie moléculaire

Thermo Scientific™ 5-Fluoroorotic Acid

Detect expression of the URA3 gene, which encodes orotine-5'-monophosphate (OMP) dicarboxylase with Thermo Scientific™ 5-Fluoroorotic Acid, used in yeast molecular genetics. 5GR 5-Fluoroorotic Acid (FOA)

Applied Biosystems™ Centri-Spin™ Spin Columns

Process samples faster than ultrafiltration columns X20 CENTRI-SPIN 10

Thermo Scientific™ Plaques PCR à 384 puits Armadillo™

Optimize high throughput robotic PCR and qPCR applications with these uItra-rigid 384-well PCR plates with poylcarbonate frames and polypropylene wells. X50 PLAQUE PCR 384 WH PUITS TP

Eppendorf™ Mastercycler™ PRO

Mastercycler pro + Control Panel, 230V

TBE Sample Buffer, 6X

50ML TBE sample buffer (6X)

Invitrogen™ ChargeSwitch™ iPrep™ iPrep ChargeSwitch Forensic Kit

Simple, three-step procedure in aqueous buffers IPREP CHARGESWITCH FORENSIC

Ambion™ RiboPure™ RNA Purification Kit, bacteria

High quality RNA isolation from bacteria RIBOPURE -BACTERIA 1 KIT

Invitrogen™ iPrep™ Card: gDNA Blood


Ambion™ mirVana™ miRNA Mimic, Negative Control #1

mirVana™ miRNA Mimic, Negative Control #1 250NMOL mirVana

Fisherbrand™ 96-Well Nonskirted PCR Plates

Compatible with all 0.2mL thermal cyclers and ABI PRISM™ 310, 3100, and 3700 capillary sequencers X25 Plaque PCR Fisherbrand 96 puits, non jupée, PP naturel - FB-0600

Ambion™ Silencer™ Select Pre-Designed siRNA, In Vivo

Silencer™ Select Pre-Designed siRNA SILENCER SELECT SIRNA, IN VIVO

Invitrogen™ dNTP Mix (2.5mM)

Ready-to-use solution DNTPS, 2.5MM

Thermo Scientific™ MagJET™ RNA Kit

Uses magnetic bead technology to purify total RNA from cultured mammalian cells, tissues, bacteria, and yeast. MAGJET RNA KIT 96 TEST(S)

Applied Biosystems™ MicroAmp™ Optical 8-Tube Strip with Attached Optical Caps, 0.2 mL

For tube strips with domed caps for PCR experiments using 1 or 2 strips that require the use of the 96-well tray (Cat. No. 4379983) on the ProFlex™, SimpliAmp™, and Veriti™ thermal cycler 96-well blocks.  X125 MicroAmp Optical 8-Tube Strip with Attached Optical Caps, 0.2 mL

Applied Biosystems™ MicroAmp™ 8-Tube Strip, 0.2mL

Tubes precisely fit industry standard well spacing 125 Strips 200UL MICROAMP 8-TUBE STRIP,0.2ML STORE (N8010580) LITL18 Promotion

Applied Biosystems™ ProFlex™ 96-well Sample Block; Range: 10-80μL

One 96-well, 0.2mL module PROFLEX 96-WELL SAMPLE BLOCK

Eppendorf™ 96 plaques LoBind PCR twin.tec™

Single use polycarbonate/polypropylene plates allowing trained specialists to perform PCR and cycle sequencing experiments. Eppendorf™ twin.tec™ 96 Well LoBind PCR Plates are used for PCR in applications including training, routine, and research laboratories in the bioscientific, industrial, and chemical fields X25 TWINTEC PCR PLATE 96 LOBIND, SKIRTED, CLEAR

Thermo Scientific™ Eau exempte de nucléase

Optimize molecular biology applications with this deionized and 0.22µm membrane-filtered nuclease-free water. X4 WATER, NUCLEASE-FREE 1.25ML

Ambion™ Anti-miR™ hsa-let-7c miRNA Inhibitor Positive Control

Anti-miR™ hsa-let-7c miRNA Inhibitor Positive Control ANTI-MIR HSA-LET-7C MIRNAFor Research Use Only. All usage must comply with

Applied Biosystems™ Path-ID™ qPCR Master Mix

Path-ID™ qPCR Master Mix PATH-ID QPCR MM (100 RXN.)

Ambion™ Elution Solution, Nucleic Acid Purification


Thermo Scientific™ MagJET™ Whole Blood gDNA Kit

Purifies genomic DNA from fresh or frozen whole blood treated with EDTA or citrate, using magnetic bead technology. MAGJET WHOLE BLOOD GDNA KIT 4 PIECE(S)

Corning™ Microplaques 96 puits PCR Thermowell™

Manufactured from ultrathin polycarbonate for fast, consistent heat transfer. Corning™ Thermowell™ 96-Well Polycarbonate PCR Microplates are ideal for the polyerase chain reaction (PCR) method of DNA amplification. X25 PLAQUE PCR 96 MODELE M DNABINDDNABIND

Applied Biosystems™ MicroAmp™ Optical 384-Well Reaction Plate with Barcode

Designed to provide unmatched temperature accuracy and uniformity for fast, efficient PCR amplification FG,384 WELL CLR RX PLT (4343814) LITL18 Promotion

Invitrogen™ Ambion™ pUC19 DNA (Sau3A I digested)

Ambion pUC 19 DNA is digested to completion with Sau3A I PUC19 DNA-SAU3A I DIGSTD 50UG

Thermo Scientific™ MagJET™ Plasmid DNA Kit

Purifies plasmid DNA from overnight E. coli cultures using paramagnetic bead technology. MAGJET PLASMID DNA KIT 4 PIECE(S)

Invitrogen™ Ambion™ LeukoLOCK™ Fractionation & Stabilization Kit

RNA from micro-scale samples LEUKOLOCK(TM) FRACTIONATION-

Ambion™ PureLink™ 96 RNA Lysis Buffer

Bulk buffer refill PURELINK 96 RNA LYSIS BUFFERFor Research Use Only. All usage must comply with

Applied Biosystems™ Human, Forward Primer, Desalted

Human, Forward Primer, Desalted HUMAN-FWD PRIMER- DS

Thermo Scientific™ Consommables pour systèmes KingFisher™

Les consommables pour les systèmes Thermo Scientific KingFisher Flex sont exclusivement destinés à ces instruments. X50 KF FLEX PLAQUE STERILE 96DW96DW