Biologie des protéines

Invitrogen™ Molecular Probes™ NanoOrange™ Protein Quantitation Kit, 200-2,000 assays

Sensitive and easy assay for protein quantitation, with detection as low as 10 ng/mL of protein in solution NANOORANGE(R) PROTEIN QUANTITA

Thermo Scientific™ Kits et agarose de protéine A haute capacité Pierce™

Affinity purify antibodies (IgG) with densely immobilized Protein A offered in bottles, spin columns, filter plates and complete purification kits. X5 NAB PROTEIN A PLUS SPIN COLUMN 1ML5ML

Invitrogen™ Molecular Probes™ FluoroPure™ DAPI

FluoroPure grade 4',6-DIAMIDINO-2-PHENYLIN

Thermo Scientific™ 5-Fluoroorotic Acid

Detect expression of the URA3 gene, which encodes orotine-5'-monophosphate (OMP) dicarboxylase with Thermo Scientific™ 5-Fluoroorotic Acid, used in yeast molecular genetics. 5GR 5-Fluoroorotic Acid (FOA)

Thermo Scientific™ Substrat de transfert Western Pierce™ ECL

Value-priced, entry-level peroxidase substrate for enhanced chemiluminescence (ECL) that directly replaces costlier products without the need to re-optimize conditions. 50 ML ECL WESTERN BLOTTING SUBSTRATE

Invitrogen™ Molecular Probes™ MitoTracker™ Red FM

Special packaging X20 MITOTRACKER(R) RED 580 S

Thermo Scientific™ Sondes fluorophosphonate ActivX™

Tagged phosphonate probes to assay serine hydrolase active sites using fluorescence, biotin-affinity purification or detection, or mass spectrometry. ACTIVX AZIDO-FP SERINE HYDRO PROBEPROBE

Étalons d'albumine sérique bovine Pierce™

High-quality, calibrated BSA solutions (2mg/mL) to serially dilute to create protein assay standard curves to accurately measure protein concentration. 50 ML ALBUMIN STANDARD (BSA STANDARD

Thermo Scientific™ Kit de dosage de cytotoxicité de la LDH Pierce™

Quantitatively measure lactose dehydrogenase released into the media from damaged cells as a biomarker for cellular cytotoxicity and cytolysis using a colorimetric assay. PIERCE LDH CYTOTOXICITY ASSAY KIT, 200-RXN KIT

Thermo Scientific™ Ampoules formaldéhyde sans méthanol Pierce™

Vials of high-quality, methanol-free formaldehyde, a general IHC fixative and reversible amine-crosslinking agent for protein and nucleic acid samples. 16% FORMALDEHYDE (W/V), METHANOL-FREE 10 X 1 ML

Tubulure à membrane Spectra/Por™ 7 (exempte de soufre et de métaux lourds) : 1, seuil de rétention moléculaire de 1000 à 50 000 daltons

Ideal for molecular separation, protein binding studies, electrolyte removal, desalting SPECTRA/POR 7 15,000 MWCO 18MM 5M

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Agarose ChIP Kit

Chromatin immunoprecipitation (chromatin IP, ChIP) assay kit containing all reagents, agarose affinity beads, and a simple, fast, reliable protocol. CHIP-GRADE PROT A/G PLUS AGAROSEAGAROSE

Thermo Scientific™ Dosage des protéines Pierce™ BCA™

Green-to-blue (A562nm), precise, detergent-compatible assay reagent to measure total protein concentration vs. protein standard. BCA PROTEIN ASSAY REAGENT A, 500 ML

Tubulure de dialyse RC standard pré-humidifiée Spectra/Por™ 6, MWCO de 1-50 kD

Clear, flexible and sturdy; Standard Grade RC (regenerated cellulose) membrane conveniently pre-equilibrated in water, eliminating the need to soak to remove glycerin and hydrate the membrane 10M DIALYSIS MEMBRANES SPECTRA/POR 6 8000 MWCO 32MM WIDTH

Gibco™ Vitronectin (VTN-N) Recombinant Human Protein, Truncated

Vitronectin (VTN-N) Recombinant Human Protein, Truncated VITRONECTIN (VTN-N) RECOMBINANT HUMAN PROTEIN

eBioscience™ Human IL-6 ELISA Ready-SET-Go!™ Kit

Specifically engineered for accurate and precise measurement of human IL-6 protein levels from samples including serum, plasma, and cell culture supernatants. X10 Human IL-6 ELISA Ready-SET-Go! (supplied as 10

Thermo Scientific™ Réactifs B-PER™ pour l'extraction de protéines bactériennes

Efficiently lyse E.coli and other bacterial cells and gently extract native proteins with these nonionic detergent solutions. B-PER BACTERIAL PROT EXTRACT 165ML165ML

Invitrogen™ Novex™ NuPAGE™ MOPS SDS Running Buffer (20X)

Made with high-purity reagents and are strictly quality controlled NUPAGE MOPS 20XRUN BUF

SDS Solution, 10% Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate Solution, Molecular Biology/Electrophoresis, Fisher BioReagents™

Nom du produit chimique ou matériau: Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate Précision du nom: 10% Solution N° CAS: 151-21-3 N° CAS: 7732-18-5 Indice de pureté: Electrophoresis Grade Plage de pourcentages du dosage: ≥99 % Formule moléculaire: C12H25NaO4S Formule linéaire: CH3(CH2)10CH2OSO3Na Poids de la formule: 288.38 1LT Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate (SDS) 10% Solution (Electrophoresis, DNase RNase & protease free)

Thermo Scientific™ Microbilles magnétiques de protéine AG Pierce™

Immunoprecipitate or affinity purify antibodies (IgG) using Protein A/G coated magnetic particles for manual or robotic magnetic separation. PIERCE PROT A/G MAGNETIC BEADS 5ML5ML

GE Healthcare Colonnes de préparation des échantillons PD MidiTrap™ G-25

À utiliser pour la purification de biomolécules d’un poids moléculaire > 5000 Mr dans des volumes d’échantillons allant jusqu’à 1 ml.  Les colonnes de préparation des échantillons GE Healthcare Life Sciences™ PD MidiTrap™ G-25 sont pratiques et pré-conditionnées. X50 PD MIDITRAP G-25

Thermo Scientific™ Agent de réticulation Sulfo-SMCC Pierce™

Crosslink amines to sulfhydryls with this mid-length, water-soluble crosslinker made of NHS-ester and maleimide groups at ends of a cyclohexane-containing, 8-atom spacer arm. SULFO-SMCC 1G

Invitrogen™ Novex™ NuPAGE™ Tris-Acetate SDS Buffer Kit (for Tris-Acetate Gels)

Provide separation of large molecular weight proteins when used with NuPAGE Tris-Acetate SDS Running Buffer NUPAGE TRIS-ACETATE BFR KIT

Normal Goat Serum (10%)

Normal Goat Serum (10%) NORMAL GOAT SERUM

Gibco™ MBP Bovine Protein, Natural

MBP Bovine Protein, Natural MYELIN BASIC PROTEINFor Research Use Only. All usage must comply with

GE Healthcare Membranes de nitrate de cellulose Amersham™ Protran™ Premium NC : Rouleaux

À utiliser pour d’excellents résultats avec les applications de détection par fluorescence pour transfert Western. Les membranes en nitrate de cellulose GE Healthcare Life Sciences™ Amersham™ Protran™ Premium NC en rouleaux offrent une sensibilité et une résolution exceptionnelles, et un faible bruit de fond. X1 Amersham Protran Premium 0.2um Nitrocellulose 150mm x 4m roll

eBioscience™ Calcein AM Viability Dye, UltraPure Grade

Membrane-permeable live-cell labeling dye. Upon entering the cell, intracellular esterases cleave the acetoxymethyl (AM) ester group, yielding the membrane-impermeable Calcein fluorescent dye. Apoptotic and dead cells with compromised cell membranes do not retain Calcein. 1MG Calcein AM Viability Dye (UltraPure Grade)

eBioscience™ Mouse IFN gamma ELISA Ready-SET-Go!™ Kit

Specifically engineered for accurate and precise measurement of mouse IFN gamma protein levels from samples including serum, and cell culture supernatants. X20 Mouse IFN gamma ELISA Ready-SET-Go! (supplied

Thermo Scientific™ Kits de marquage et NHS-PEG4-Biotine EZ-Link™

Biotinylate protein amines and maximize solubility of proteins with this long (29.0A) NHS-ester biotinylation reagent containing a pegylated, water-soluble spacer arm. 25 MG EZ-LINK NHS-PEO4-BIOTIN