Invitrogen™ Système d’imagerie EVOS™ XL Core

Système d’imagerie inverse numérique à lumière transmise pour les applications de culture cellulaire et tissulaire et l’entretien de routine des cellules EVOS XL CORE platine fixe

Motic™ BA210E Trinocular Compound Microscope

Use this microscope for both educational and teaching environments. Motic™ BA210E Trinocular Compound Microscope is ideal for a variety of life sciences and medical applications. Stereomicroscope BA210E Trinoculaire

Invitrogen™ EVOS™ M5000 Imaging System

The Invitrogen™ EVOS™ M5000 Cell Imaging System brings simple, automated microscopy within reach. All-in-one design includes high resolution fluorescence imaging, unique color illumination, a full suite of fluorescent filters, and intuitive software. EVOS M5000 IMAGING SYSTEM

Motic™ PSM-1000 Standard System Microscope

Modular microscope system that can be used for applications in the semiconductor industry as well as for laser inspections and repairs. Motic™ PSM-1000 Standard System Microscope can be used for any application requiring high-quality optics and precision mechanics. Microscope mettallurgie standard PSM-1000

Leica Microsystems DM2000 LED Microscope, Standard

Ideal for complex tasks in pathology, cytology, and many other applications. Leica Microsystems™ DM2000 LED Microscope, Standard can be configured with a variety of optics and contrast accessories. MICROSCOPE LEICA DM2000 LED

Invitrogen™ Microscope par contraste de phase numérique et inversé à fond clair EVOS™ XL

Station de travail tout-en-un entièrement intégrée EVOS XL, SANS OBJECTIF

Motic™ Stereomicroscope BA310E Trinoculaire

Full Koehler configuration provides maximum illumination quality for even the most demanding samples. Motic™ BA310E Trinocular Stereo Microscope can be enhanced with additional contrast methods like Phase contrast, Polarization and Dark field and discussion/teaching devices to ensure that this model will offer long term functionality to all user levels. Stereomicroscope BA310E Trinoculaire

Motic™ Microscope trinoculaire AE31E

Utilisez ce microscope pour les contrôles de routine de cellules vivantes. Avec une installation simple et flexible, il est idéal pour les environnements universitaires, cliniques de routine et de laboratoire. Les microscopes trinoculaire Motic™ AE31E offrent des fonctions utilisables dans le domaine de la recherche, comme la fluorescence et l’éclairage 30 W/6 V Koehler à montage externe et centrable. AE31E Trinocular microscope

Invitrogen™ EVOS™ M7000 Imaging System

High-performance, fully automated, inverted, multi-channel fluorescence and transmitted light imaging system. Developed to meet today’s expectations for image quality, user interface interactions, data generation speed and flexibility, and end-user value with just a few clicks. EVOS M7000 MICROSCOPE ONE

Invitrogen™ Microscope à fluorescence couleur numérique EVOS™

Microscope inversé numérique tout-en-un qui fournit d’excellentes images à l’écran EVOS FL COULEUR, SANS OBJECTIF, SANS CUBE

Fisherbrand™ Microscope de recherche de composés série AX-500

Choix de trois objectifs optiques et de trois têtes optiques. Le microscope de recherche de composés Fisher Scientific™ série AX-500 avec éclairage LED à “lumière froide” est conçu pour une utilisation dans les universités et les laboratoires de recherche. MICROSCOPE MONOCULAIRE AX-501 ACHROMATIC

Fisherbrand™ Microscopes de poche lumineux

A single mechanism generates a smooth and rock-solid focus MICROSCOPE ILLUMINE X60-X100

Invitrogen™ Système de fluorescence numérique inversé automatique EVOS™ FL

Le système de fluorescence entièrement automatisé permet de bénéficier des avantages de l’automatisation avec la forme et les fonctionnalités d’EVOS EVOS® FL Auto Imaging System


Embedded operating system with image software for capture/save EVOS xl core High Magnification Package


Kimberly-Clark™ Melodie™ Fragrance Clear Refill eliminates unwanted smells and improves user experience of any environment with floral, spicy notes. X6 AIR FRESHENER REFILL KIMBERLY CLARK PROFESSIONAl Melodie aircare, regular for CMC-850-N, CMC-851-

Motic™ LWD Condenser for AE2000

Long working distance condenser suitable for phase contrast. Motic™ LWD Condenser for AE2000, when used with phase accessories, facilitates visualization of transparent specimens. CONDENSEUR N.A. 0,40

Motic™ DM-111 Microscope

Uniquely designed, full-featured digital microscope. Motic™ DM-111 Microscope can be used with provided software to unlock many teaching and research possibilities. Microscope digital DM-111

Motic™ Stéréomicroscope à zoom série SMZ171

La rotation du bouton de zoom permet d’accéder à l’ensemble de la plage de zoom de 6,7:1, résultant en une plage de grossissement de 7.5X à 50X avec des oculaires WF10X / 23 mm standard. Le stéréomicroscope à zoom Motic™ série SMZ171 permet de zoomer facilement d’un aperçu d’échantillon jusqu’aux structures minuscules. StereomicroscopeSMZ-171-TP

Motic™ Microscope Head, SMZ-171-BH

Optically superior stereo zoom microscope head for the SMZ-171 microscope. Motic™ Microscope Head, SMZ-171-BH is a replacement head for the versatile and powerful SMZ-171 microscope. Tete Stereomicroscope SMZ-171-BH 60º

Motic™ ELWD Condenser for AE2000

Extra-long working distance condenser suitable for phase contrast. Motic™ ELWD Condenser for AE2000, when used with phase accessories, facilitates visualization of transparent specimens. CONDENSEUR N.A. 0,30

Motic™ PSM-1000E Head (only)

Constructed with specially coated optics and geared for inspection and laser work. Motic™ PSM-1000E Head (only) is a trinocular, tilting head only, with no focusing block, objectives or stand. Tete microscope mettallurgie PSM-100E

Motic™ Microscope binoculaire AE31E

Utilisez ce microscope pour les contrôles de routine de cellules vivantes. Les microscopes binoculaires Motic™ AE31E sont idéaux pour les environnements universitaires, cliniques courants et de laboratoire. AE31E Binocular

Motic Panthera U Trinocular Microscope

A new level of transmitted light microscope for life science applications. Microscope Panthera U Trinocular 50:50 obj UC, LED 3W , Koehler fixe, Motic light tracer

Medline Scientific™ Triton II Fluorescence Trinocular Ergonomic Microscope

With a dedicated fluorescent module added for high sensitivity and specificity. MICROSCOPE TRINO TRITON II

Carl Zeiss™ Stemi 508 Stereomicroscope with Stand K EDU and Spot Illuminator K LED

Designed for use with a variety of applications. Stereomicroscope Stemi 508 avec support K EDU etilluminateur K LED


Designed for use with Axio Scope.A1 Vario PARTIE SUP. PIED AXIOSCOPE

Motic™ AE31 Main Body, Binocular Microscope

Build your own innovatively designed binocular inverted microscope. Motic™ AE31 Main Body, Binocular Microscope is part of a modular system that incorporating CCSI optics, innovative mechanical design, high flexibility, and optical brilliance. corps microscope inverse AE31E binoculaire

Motic™ BA310POL Binocular Polarization Microscope

Use this polarization microscope for transmitted light samples. Motic™ BA310POL Binocular Microscope is designed for the examination of birefringent samples from petrography and mineralogy, and can also be used for the synthetic materials industry. Microscope BA310 POL Binoculaire

Motic™ Plastic Carrying Case

Suitable for F11 Microscope. Motic™ Plastic Carrying Case is a great choice for safely transporting or storing your microscope. Boitier de transport

Motic™ AE31E Binocular Microscope

Innovatively designed binocular inverted microscope. Motic™ AE31E Binocular Microscope offers CCSI optics combined with innovative mechanical design, high flexibility, and optical brilliance. microscope inverse AE31E binoculaire 100W