Agitateurs à vortex

Fisherbrand™ ZX3 Vortex Mixer

Offers excellent flexibility and versatility and provides stable mixing at high speeds. Fisherbrand™ ZX3 Vortex Mixer can be connected to many platforms and accessories which are easily attached and securely fitted with simple pressure. AGITATEUR VORTEX TOP-MIX 3000 T/MIN

Fisherbrand™ Classic Vortex Mixer

Combines the highest performance ratings in terms of speed with excellent reliability and safety. Fisherbrand™ Classic Vortex Mixer includes two operating modes, the possibility to change the vibration frequency, and a wide range of accessories, making this laboratory mixer the ideal solution for a large variety of needs. CLASSIC AGIT. VORTEX 100-240VCLASSIC AGIT. VORTEX 100-240V

Fisherbrand™ Agitateurs vortex MultiTube Fisher Scientific™ : portoirs pour tubes à centrifuger

Centrifuge tube racks for Fisherbrand™ MultiTube Vortexers. Accessory foam rack 15ml tubes for multi-tube vortexers

Velp Scientifica™ Foam Stand for Microtiter Tubes

Securely holds microtiter tubes during the mixing process. Velp Scientifica™ Foam Stands for Microtiter Tubes are for use with Velp Scientifica ZX4 Advanced IR Vortex Mixers.

Scientific Industries SI™ Vortex-Genie™ 2

Mélange les contenus de façon plus ou moins vive. La vitesse de l’agitateur Scientific Industries SI™ Vortex-Genie™ 2 varie de 600 à 3200 tr/min. Vortex-Genie 2 Vortex Mixer, 230V, UK Plug

Thermo Scientific™ Agitateur à vortex LP

Choose to continuously mix or pulse samples with our low profile vortex mixer. LP VORTEX MXR 120V/US PLUG

Velp Scientifica™ Customizable Foam Stand

Securely hold test tubes and vials in the configuration that works best for your needs. Velp Scientifica™ Customizable Foam Stands are compatible with Velp Scientifica Vortex Mixers. SUPPORT DIA 94MM NON PERFORE

Multi-tube vortex mixer analogue 230v

Process up to 50 samples at one time. Fisherbrand™ Analogue Multi-Tube Vortex Mixer features variable speed microprocessor control that provides consistent, uniform mixing action. Multi-tube vortex mixer analogue 230v

Fisherbrand™ ZX4 IR Vortex Mixer

Automatically starts vibrating when the mixer detects the presence of the test tube. Fisherbrand™ ZX4 IR Vortex Mixer is ideal for mixing a variety of tubes and containers. ZX4 AGIT. VORTEX IR 100-240VZX4 AGIT. VORTEX IR 100-240V

Fisherbrand™ Agitateur Vortex Fisherbrand, vitesse variable .

Agitateur Vortex Fisherbrand, vitesse variable

Fisher Scientific™ Analog Microplate Vortex Mixer

Designed for continuous duty. Fisherbrand™ Analog Microplate Vortex Mixer with high speed and small orbit is optimal for effectively mixing contents of microplates. Microplate Vortex Mixer Analogue 230V.Continuous duty, 3.5mm orbit, 300-2500rpm

Velp Scientifica™ Foam Stands

Securely holds test tubes and vials. Velp Scientifica™ Foam Stands are compatible with Velp Scientifica Vortex Mixers. SUPPORT DIA 94MM 5 TUBES 16MM

Heidolph™ Agitateur Vortex Top Mix

Designed with a low center of gravity which prevents gliding at high speed, even on damp surfaces; this Reax Top Test Tube Shaker with an analog tube mixer and 5mm orbital motion and speeds up to 2500 rpm, is ideal in most scientific, research, and other laboratories. AGITATEUR TOPMIX REAXTOP

Thermo Scientific™ Accessoires et pièces de rechange Thermo Scientific pour l'agitateur à vortex MaxiMix III

Thermo Scientific propose une variété d'accessoires pour l'agitateur à vortex MaxiMix III, offrant ainsi une flexibilité optimale. Universal holder for a variety of flasks, beakers,bottles, test tub racks

Fisherbrand™ Vortex Mixer Accessories: Ampule Tube Holders

For use with Fisherbrand vortex mixers. LARGE AMPOULE TUBE HOLDER

Fisherbrand™ Vortex Mixer Accessories: Microwell Plate Holder

For use with Fisherbrand vortex mixers. MICROPLATE KIT

Fisherbrand™ Mini-mélangeur à vortex Fisher Scientific™

Accepts tubes and vessels of all sizes. Fisherbrand™ Mini Vortex Mixer is an extremely compact vortex mixer with a horizontally circular, orbital mixing motion. VORTEX MIXER, FIXED 2800RPM, 4.5MM ORBIT

Thermo Scientific™ Accessories for the LP Vortex Mixer

Optimize flexibility and performance by using Thermo Scientific™ Accessories for LP Vortex Mixers. Porte tubes avec insert de fixation (10mm)

Eppendorf™ Porte-tube


Fisherbrand™ Stackable Microplate Holder for Microplate Vortex Mixers

For use with Microplate Vortex Mixers. microplate holder stack

Corning™ Agitateur numérique pour microplaques LSE

digital shaker for 4 microplates, 230V-Uk plug

Eppendorf™ MixMate™

Mix your samples in seconds, fully and reliably with this mixer. Eppendorf™ MixMate™ is the ideal 3-in-1 mixer for plates, tubes and vortex mixing. This high speed instrument guarantees complete mixing of your samples in seconds. AGITATEUR MIXMATE

Fisherbrand™ Cup Head for Heavy-duty Vortex Mixer

For use with Heavy-duty microplate vortex mixer. Cup head

Fisherbrand™ Vortex Mixer Accessories Kits

For use with Fisherbrand vortex mixers. MICROTUBE KIT

Corning™ Accessoire pour mélangeur vortex LSE™, têtes de traitement

Heads allow for processing of larger numbers of tubes optional head for one microplate or 64x0.2ml tubes or 8x0.2ml tube strips

Corning™ Tête en option

optional head for 2x50ml tubes, held horizontally

Fisherbrand™ Blank insert

For use with heavy-duty vortex mixers. Blank insert

Fisherbrand™ Agitateurs vortex MultiTube Fisher Scientific™ : Portoirs pour tubes à essai

Test tube racks for Fisherbrand™ MultiTube Vortexers Accessory foam rack 10mm tubes for multi-tube vortexers