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Gibco™ CD CHO AGT™ Medium

CD CHO AGT™ Medium

Brand:  Gibco™ 12490017

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CD CHO AGT™ (Advanced Granulation Technology) medium is a protein-free, chemically-defined medium optimized for the growth of Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells and expression of recombinant proteins in suspension culture. The AGT™ dry media format is designed to provide increased consistency and productivity across all stages of production from development to commercial manufacturing. CD CHO AGT™ medium contains no proteins or peptide components of animal, plant, or synthetic origin, as well as no undefined lysates or hydrolysates.

When to Use CD CHO Medium
  • Your GS CHO cells are recommended to be grown in CD CHO medium
  • Your cells have been successfully cultured in CD CHO medium in the past and your process is nearing a regulatory filing (DMF available)

    When to Consider Another Gibco™ Medium

    Consider CD FortiCHO™ medium when:
  • The cell line you are using is a transfected CHO K1, GS CHO or CHO-S™ cell line
  • Maximum batch culture cell densities and protein titers are needed
  • You have time to adapt cells into a new medium in an effort to maximize titers
  • Cell health at harvest is a priority for downstream processing

    Consider CD OptiCHO™ medium when:
  • You are using a transfected CHO cell line other than CHO K1, GS CHO or CHO-S™ cell lines
  • Optimization of feeding strategies will be part of your base medium selection testing in an effort to maximize productivity
  • Your CHO cell line is finicky, i.e. hard to grow or adapt

    Consider CD DG44 medium when:
  • You use parental DG44 or DXB11 CHO cells (dhfr-)

    Liquid Media Formulations
    Gibco™ AGT™ media are also available in a liquid format that offers the same performance and formulation as the AGT™ media format. Gibco™ liquid media are manufactured animal origin-free with the same complete, serum-free, protein-free, chemically-defined formulation and performance as their AGT™ media counterparts.

    Design Your Own Media Specific to Your Needs
    Whether it’s a bench-level experiment or large scale biomanufacturing process, we offer specialized formats, packaging, and quality levels specific to your needs. With Gibco™ cGMP Media Custom Services you can put the manufacturing power and years of technical experience of our R&D and Bioproduction Application Specialists to work for you.
  • Specifications


    Animal Origin-Free, Chemically Defined, Protein-Free, Serum-Free
    1 L
    No antibiotics
    Wet Ice
    No Thymidine, No Hypoxanthine
    Powder (AGT)
    No Phenol Red
    Sodium Pyruvate
    Sodium Pyruvate
    CD CHO Medium
    ≤10 EU/mL, Low
    Sodium Bicarbonate
    AGT™, Gibco™
    No Glutamine
    Securitainer Capped Vial
    Suspension Cell Culture

    For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.