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Invitrogen™ CYP2C9 BACULOSOMES™ Plus Reagent, rHuman

CYP2C9 BACULOSOMES™ Plus Reagent, rHuman

Brand:  Invitrogen™ P2378

Additional Details : Weight : 3.18000kg

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Cytochrome P450 BACULOSOMES™ Plus Reagents are microsomes prepared from insect cells infected with recombinant baculovirus containing a human CYP450 isozyme, as well as human cytochrome P450 reductase. For this particular isozyme (CYP2C9), human cytochrome b5 is also included.
  • Single human P450 isozyme for detailed drug metabolism studies
  • High specific activity increases dynamic range and sensitivity
  • No background metabolism for clear results

    Single Overexpressed Human CYP450 Isozyme
    CYP450 BACULOSOMES™ Plus Reagents offer a distinct advantage over Human Liver Microsomes (HLMs) in that only one CYP450 isozyme is expressed, thereby preventing metabolism by other CYP450s or other classes of drug metabolizing enzymes.

    High Activity Results in Increased Sensitivity
    Compound rankings based on metabolism and inhibition profiles observed with CYP450 BACULOSOMES™ Plus Reagents are very similar to those seen with HLMs for most compounds tested. However, CYP450 BACULOSOMES™ Plus Reagents activity and metabolic rates with most substrates is significantly higher than those seen with HLMs. This results in a broad dynamic range and high sensitivity in assays utilizing CYP450 BACULOSOMES™ Plus Reagents. The high level of activity and reproducibility of the enzyme component observed in the reaction with most probe substrates makes CYP450 BACULOSOMES™ Plus Reagents well suited to high-throughput screening formats.

    High Signal to Noise Ratio
    No background metabolism by endogenous insect CYP450s has been detected with any of the Vivid™ probe substrates tested so far.

    Applications: isozyme identification, DMPK analysis, isozyme-specific metabolism, and inhibition screening

    For Research Use Only. Not for any animal or human therapeutic or diagnostic use.
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    Toxicology & Drug Metabolism
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