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Phasemaker™ Phasemaker™ Tubes

Phasemaker™ Tubes make a  tight seal under the aqueous phase making TRIzol™ Reagent easier to use, increasing yield up to 30%. Great for new users.

Brand:  Phasemaker™ A33249

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Includes: One bag of 10 Phasemaker Tubes



Invitrogen™ Phasemaker™ Tubes contain a polymer that clearly separates and completely isolates the upper aqueous phase of the TRIzol™ mix from the organic phase underneath, making it very easy to pipette off the upper phase containing the RNA. The polymer works on a density gradient, as it is heavier than the aqueous phase, but lighter than the organic phase; after centrifugation it positions itself between these two layers. It creates a tight seal between the two phases, making it very easy to pipette off the aqueous phase without  the risk of carrying over contaminants from the organic layer. Because this, Invitrogen Phasemaker Tubes allow recovery of the whole aqueous phase, increasing yield up to 30%. It is an inert polymer that does not interfere with downstream experiments such as PCR. It works for RNA extraction using TRIzol™, TRIzol™ LS and TRIzol™ Plus only. It is not recommended to be used with other organic reagents as their density might be different. It works with fresh or frozen samples (tissue or blood). It also  works with tissue samples treated previously with RNAlater. Invitrogen Phasemaker Tubes come already pre-dispensed. The tube size is  2 mL.

  • Pre-dispensed in 2 mL tubes
  • Creates a tight seal between the aqueous and the organic phases
  • Easier to pipette off the whole aqueous phase
  • Increases yield up to 30%
  • RNA integrity is not compromised
  • The seal stays for longer periods of time, allowing you to increase the number of samples per batch
  • Inert, does not interfere with downstream experiments


One year after receiving



TRIzol™ reagents
Pre-dispensed in 2 mL tubes; tubes have a cap
For RNA extraction, exclusive use with TRIzol™ Regent, TRIzol™ LS Reagent or TRIzol™ Plus Purification Kit only
One bag of 10 Phasemaker Tubes
Room temperature