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Invitrogen™ Click-IT™ O-GlcNAc Enzymatic Labeling System

For in-vitro modification of O-GlcNAc modified proteins

Brand:  Invitrogen™ C33368

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The Click-iT O-GlcNAc Enzymatic Labeling System provides a highly sensitive and efficient method for the in-vitro modification of O-GlcNAc modified proteins. Proteins are enzymatically labeled utilizing the permissive mutant β-1,4-galactosyltransferase (Gal-T1 (Y289L)) which transfers azido-modified galactose (GalNAz) from UDP-GalNAz to O-GlcNAc residues. Then, via the chemoselective ligation or click reaction between an azide and an alkyne, the azido-labeled glycoproteins can then be detected with a Click-iT Glycoprotein Detection kit for gels (TAMRA or Dapoxyl™ alkyne) or Western blots (biotin alkyne). Labeling and detection can be completed in less than 24 hours and the Click-iT glycoprotein products are compatible with LC-MS/MS and Multiplexed Proteomics™ technologies for in-depth analyses of this important post-translational modification.

  • Less hazardous

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Less hazardous
Store in refrigerator at 2°C to 8°C
Wet Ice
Alexa Fluor 488, Alexa Fluor 555, Alexa Fluor 594, Alexa Fluor 647, Biotin, Oregon Green 488, TMR (Tetramethylrhodamine)
O-GlcNAc Enzymatic Labeling System
Biotin-Based, Fluorescent
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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.