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PEP 005, Tocris Bioscience™

Catalog Number 30001471
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1 mg
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Protein kinase C activator

Activator of protein kinase C (PKC). Exhibits antileukemic activity; induces nuclear translocation of PKCδ, and induces apoptosis in acute myeloid leukemia (AML) cell lines and primary AML blast cells. Also displays antiproliferative effects and induces apoptosis in Colo205 cells. Reactivates latent HIV in cell culture. Also acts as a substrate for multidrug transporter.
CAS 75567-37-2
Molecular Formula C25H34O6
MDL Number MFCD07784504
Quantity 1 mg
Synonym 4s,5s,6r,14r-5,6-dihydroxy-7-hydroxymethyl-3,11,11,14-tetramethyl-15-oxotetracyclo 1 ,?.0 1 ?, 1 2 pentadeca-2,7-dien-4-yl 2z-2-methylbut-2-enoate
SMILES C\C=C(\C)C(=O)O[C@H]1C(C)=C[C@@]23[C@H](C)C[C@@H]4[C@H]([C@H](C=C(CO)[C@@H](O)[C@]12O)C3=O)C4(C)C
IUPAC Name (1S,4S,5S,6R,9S,10R,12R,14R)-5,6-dihydroxy-7-(hydroxymethyl)-3,11,11,14-tetramethyl-15-oxotetracyclo[¹,⁵.0¹⁰,¹²]pentadeca-2,7-dien-4-yl (2Z)-2-methylbut-2-enoate
Molecular Weight (g/mol) 430.54
PubChem CID 92043127
Formula Weight 430.53
Percent Purity >98%
Chemical Name or Material PEP 005
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