Chromatography Syringes

Trajan Scientific and Medical™ 1MR-VLL-GT Pre-fitted Syringe Valve

Ideal for sample storage and transportation or to pressurize sample prior to injection. 1MR-VLL-GT 1ML SYRINGE

SGE™ eVol™ Handheld Automated Analytical Syringe

Improves laboratory workflow X3 Syringe SGE needle tip bevel, 23 gauge 500µL

Thermo Scientific™ TriPlus RSH Autosampler Fixed GT Needle Syringe

Thermo Scientific™ TriPlus RSH Autosampler Fixed GT Needle Syringes are accurate and reproducible over a range of volumes. Syringe Thermo Scientific fixed, gas tight needle

Hamilton™ Constant Rate-700 HPLC Syringes & Replacement Parts

Syringes are designed to delive reasy, reproducible injection of liquid samples into an injector on HPLC instrumentation. The CR-700 standardizes three major variables: sample volume, rate of injection, and depth of needle penetration. Even when operated by different technicians, the CR-700 provides reproducibility of +1% of the total syringe volume in routine procedures. CR700-200 10-200µL(22/51/3)

Hamilton™ 1700/1000 Series Gastight™ Instrument Syringes: DX Termination

Syringes are designed to fit into, or with, various different instruments such as the MICROLAB™ 500 and MICROLAB 1000 1705 DX 50µL Syr

Gas Syringe


Hamilton™ 700/1700 Series Microliter/Gastight™ Syringes

Hamilton Company offers the most comprehensive selection of standard and custom syringes in the industry. Each is manufactured to achieve the highest level of accuracy and precision possible. 1705 RN 50uL SYR W/O NDL.borosilicate glass syringe/steel plunger/PTFE

Thermo Scientific™ eVol™ XR Dispensing System

Eliminate dispensing variability with this unique, hand-held digital dispenser that accurately and reproducibly performs a wide variety of liquid handling procedures. SAMPLE DISPENSING SYSTEM EVOLhand held automated analytical syringe complies

Thermo Scientific™ Fixed-Needle, Gas-Tight Syringes for GC Instruments

Choose Thermo Scientific™ Fixed-Needle, Gas-Tight Syringes for accurate, reproducible GC sample introduction using an affixed needle and a plunger that creates a tight seal.

2.5ml Spritze RN 50mm GT Gauge 26,

Trajan™ Diamond MS Shimadzu Autosampler Syringes

Improves the sensitivity of your MS analysis with reduced non specific sample interaction and increased analyte recovery. Autosampler syringe Shimadzu designed to improve

Trajan™ CTC PAL Fixed Needle Syringe

Borosilicate glass barrel and stainless steel needles provide strength and inertness. Backing provides quick and accurate volume assessment. Syringe SGE 10F-CTC-GT-5/0.72H fixed hole, side

Hamilton™ 1700 Series Gastight™ Syringes: N Termination

Gastight version of the original 700 series syringes, ideal for dispensing volumes from 1 up to 500μL 1702 N 25µL Syr (22s/51/2)needle length 51mm

Hamilton™ 800 Microliter Syringes, No Needle Included

Attached to the flange of the 700 series syringe is a blue Syringe Holder that provides a spot to hold the syringe that will not heat up the barrel causing dispense inaccuracies. Additionally it provides support to small volume plungers that are prone to bending during injection. This series of syringes is ideal for dispensing volumes from 0.5 µL up to 250 µL. 825 RN 250uL SYR W/O NEEDLE

Trajan™ Standard Plunger Protection Syringes

Designed with virtually indestructible titanium nickel alloy plunger. SYRINGE,5µL,FIXED NEEDLE, SUPERFLEX,STANDARD

Hamilton™ 700 Microliter™ Syringes: RN Termination

The 700 series syringe is the original hand-fitted Hamilton syringe. This series of syringes is ideal for dispensing volumes from 0.5 µL up to 500 µL. A variety of different terminations and needle options are available in this series. 702 RN 25µL Syr (22s/51/2)

Hamilton™ CTC and LEAP Technologies GC PAL Autosampler Syringes: Microliter

Designed for use in PAL GC-xt, PAL COMBI-xt, PAL COMBI-xt extended and other autosampler systems 701 SN CTC (**/**)-203198-

Thermo Scientific™ Fixed Needle Syringes for GC Instruments

Get accurate, reproducible results from these fixed-needle syringes for Thermo Scientific™ and Agilent GC autosamplers.


SGE™ PAL Autosampler Syringes with 50mm Fixed Cone Tip Needle

Features Diamond Syringe Technology which results in improved solvent resistance, wide temperature ranges, and increased operational smoothness. SGE PAL Autosampler Syringes with 50mm Fixed Cone Tip Needle are used for CTC, LEAP, CombiPAL, GC PAL, Thermo TriPlus, AS2000, AS3000, AS200/800 Autosamplers. Syringe SGE 10F-CTC-5/0.47C fixed needle, cone

SGE™ Autosampler Syringes with 42mm Cone Tip Fixed Needle

Incorporate Diamond Syringe Technology offering significantly improved levels of durability, clarity and accuracy. SGE Autosampler Syringes with 42mm Cone Tip Fixed Needle are designed specifically for use on Agilent autosamplers. X6 SYRINGE,10µL,FIXED NEEDLE SUPERFLEX,FOR HP.0.47MM O.D. (PACK OF 6)

Hamilton™ 1800 Series Gastight™ Removable-Needle Syringes

Reinforced plunger version of the 1700 series syringes is ideal for dispensing volumes from 1 μL up to 500 μL. 1805 RN 50µL Syr (22s/51/2)

SGE™ Guided Plunger Syringes

Extended barrel guides plunger during injection. SGE™ Guided Plunger Syringes are suitable for industrial environments. SYRINGE,5µL,REMOVEABLE NEEDLE, WITH GUIDED PLUNGER

Rheodyne Syringe


Trajan™ 0.5μL Plunger-in-Needle Syringes

SGE NanoVolume syringes are designed to inject down to 50nL with high precision and accuracy NEEDLE,0.5BR-OC-CE-7.5

Trajan™ CTC PAL RTC Removable Needle LC Syringe

Designed to provide improved solvent resistance, greater temperature range and increased operational smoothness. Autosampler syringe removable needle LC tip style,

Trajan Scientific and Medical™ MEPS Syringes for Agilent GCs

Miniaturization of conventional sample preparation devices. Trajan Scientific and Medical MEPS Syringes for Agilent GCs are micro extraction by packed sorbent. 250R-AGILENT-MEPS SYRINGE

Hamilton™ 700 Microliter Syringes: N Termination

The 700 series syringe is the original hand-fitted Hamilton syringe. This series of syringes is ideal for dispensing volumes from 0.5 µL up to 500 µL. A variety of different terminations and needle options are available in this series. 701 N 10µL Syr (26s/51/5)

SGE™ Manual Syringes For Rheodyne™ and Valco™ Valves

The injection size sets the injection volume 250R-LC 250UL SYRINGE

Hamilton™ Threaded Plunger 1700 and 1000 Series Gastight™ Syringes

For applications requiring extremely precise plunger movement or minute fluid manipulation 1750 TPLT Syringe, 500µL