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The Fisher Scientific channel is able to support and provide you with a complete offering of products, services and solutions across your pharmaceutical drug discovery and developmental workflow.

Our strengths are bringing to you key innovative suppliers and ensuring, like you, that we are putting our customers first.

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BioPharma Applications

Cell Culture

Cell culture is an important platform for BioPharma drug research and development. The production of biologic therapies such as vaccines, monoclonal antibodies and cell and gene therapies are all based on cell culture.

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Ongoing research into vaccine development is critical to help us combat new and emerging infectious diseases such as COVID-19. Learn more about how the Fisher Scientific channel can help you with every step of your vaccine workflow.

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Analysis & Quality Control

Analysis and Quality Control in BioPharma is essential throughout every stage of the drug development process to ensure impurities are detected and quantitated.

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Drug Delivery & Formulation

Drug Delivery & Formulation (or 'fill and finish') is a critical step in the manufacturing process as it is the last step before a drug is packaged and ultimately delivered to the patient.

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BioPharma Essentials


Safety is vitally important within the laboratory environment. All BioPharma companies are required to adhere to strict guidelines to protect their workforce and to prevent contamination during all stages of drug development and manufacturing.

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