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4-Methylsulphonylacetophenone, 95%, ACROS Organics™

Catalog Number 10279900
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2.5g; Glass bottle
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This item is not returnable. View return policy
CAS 10297-73-1
CAS Min % 94.0
CAS Max % 100.0
Melting Point 126°C to 131°C
Color White to Yellow
Infrared Spectrum Authentic
Assay Percent Range 95%
Packaging Glass bottle
Molecular Formula C9H10O3S
Linear Formula H3CC(O)C6H4SO2CH3
MDL Number MFCD00025072
Quantity 2.5 g
Synonym 4'-methylsulfonyl acetophenone, 1-4-methylsulfonyl phenyl ethanone, 4-methylsulfonylacetophenone, 4-methylsulfonyl acetophenone, 4-acetylphenyl methyl sulphone, 1-4-methylsulfonylphenyl ethanone, 4-methylsulphonylacetophenone, 1-4-methanesulfonyl-phenyl-ethanone, p-methylsulfonylacetophenone, 4-methanesulfonylacetophenone
IUPAC Name 1-(4-methylsulfonylphenyl)ethanone
Molecular Weight (g/mol) 198.236
PubChem CID 82529
Formula Weight 198.24
Percent Purity ≥94%
Physical Form Crystalline Powder or Needles
Chemical Name or Material 4-Methylsulphonylacetophenone
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