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Molecular Probes™ SYTOX™ Orange Dead Cell Stain, for flow cytometry

SYTOX™ Orange Dead Cell Stain, for flow cytometry

Brand:  Molecular Probes™ S34861

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SYTOX™ Orange Dead Cell Stain is a bright, easy-to-use nucleic acid stain for distinguishing dead from live cells in flow cytometry assays. It is excitable at 532 nm with an emission profile similar to R-PE, and has been tested in an assortment of cell types.

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You get these advantages with SYTOX™ Orange Dead Cell Stain:

  • Bright Signal—Easily distinguishes dead cells from live cells.
  • Rapid Staining—Single step, No Wash Assay to assess viability of unfixed cells.
  • Validation—in Jurkat, ReH, CHO, Kg1a, 3T3, HeLa, HEK (primary cells), and lysed whole blood.
  • Optimization—Dye concentration has been optimized for use in flow cytometry.
  • Versatility—Tested in a variety of experimental applications.

    A bright stain in an easy-to-use, no-wash assay
    SYTOX™ Orange Dead Cell Stain is a cell-impermeant nucleic acid stain. By flow cytometry, dead cells can be easily distinguished from live cells by the increased fluorescent signal due to dsDNA binding of SYTOX™ Orange. Because it is non-fluorescent in aqueous media, SYTOX™ Orange Dead Cell Stain can be applied to cells and visualized with minimal background staining and without an additional wash step.

    Validated in flow cytometry
    SYTOX™ Orange Dead Cell Stain is designed for flow cytometry using the 488 nm blue laser or 532 nm green laser with emission in the 575/26 BP filter (similar to PE). The dye concentration has been optimized for samples with concentrations ranging from 1x104to 1x106 cells per ml.

    SYTOX™ Orange Dead Cell Stain has been validated in several cell types including:
  •  Jurkat
  •  ReH
  •  CHO
  •  Kg1a
  •  3T3
  •  HeLa
  •  HEK (primary cells)
  •  Lysed whole blood

    SYTOX™ Orange Dead Cell Stain has been tested in several applications including:
  •  Apoptosis
  •  Cell cycle
  •  Cell proliferation
  •  Immunophenotyping assays

    Part of the SYTOX™ family of cell viability stains
    SYTOX™ Dead Cell Stains come in an assortment of excitation/emission characteristics and have been incorporated into a number of assays for apoptosis, cell viability, and metabolism.
  •  SYTOX™ Blue Dead Cell Stain (S34857): 405 nm violet laser.
  •  SYTOX™ AADvanced™ Dead Cell Stain (S10274, S10309): 488 nm laser with red emission.
  •  SYTOX™ Red Dead Cell Stain (S34854): 633/5 nm red laser.
  •  SYTOX™ Green Dead Cell Stain (S34861): 488 nm laser—green emission.
  •  SYTOX™ Dead Cell Stain Sampler Kit (S34862)

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  • Specifications


    532, 488
    SYTOX® Orange
    Room Temperature
    Contains 1 vial of SYTOX® orange dead cell stain (250 µM solution in DMSO).

    Store in freezer (-5 to -30°C), and protect from light.
    Flow Cytometer
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    For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.